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I Tried Super-Colorful Makeup For The First Time And It Was Awesome

~ Got that mermaid aesthetic. ~

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I'm known as being quite safe with my makeup among my beauty-obsessed friends. I love the natural look, and when I "go crazy," it's when I wear red or dark berry lipstick.

Instagram: @maisongs / Via Instagram: @maisongs

(I'm going all out here.)

Like any makeup junkie, I follow a ton of beauty bloggers and brands on Instagram. I regularly see super cool looks using the most random color combinations, and I've always wanted to try them.

So I decided to get out of my makeup slump and attempt to copy some #colorfulmakeup looks that I've seen on Insta.

1. Colorful Eyebrows

Instagram: @emalethdoesmakeup / Via Instagram: @emalethdoesmakeup

This is one of those things where it looks so cool on other people but you worry if you do it yourself, you'd look ridiculous. I was so scared to try this and didn't think I had the *makeup skillz* to do it properly.

After trying it: LOL NVM! Colored brows are so fun.

Micah Askins

And so easy! I decided to do an ombre look, because I have some pink and purple eyeshadows that I've always wanted to use, but had no clue how to incorporate into my ~natural look~. After applying some eyeshadow primer on my brows, I went at it with an angled brush.


2. Colorful Eyes

Instagram: @the_cosmic_mua / Via Instagram: @the_cosmic_mua

Whenever I use an eyeshadow that's not a neutral color, I apply it lightly under my eyes with heavy black eyeliner on top to minimize the "extreme-ness" of the color. I was just as nervous to try this as I was to try the brow look, because of how "out-there" the colors are.

I sent this snap to my best friend, and she said I looked like a mermaid. It was the sweetest thing she's ever said to me in our 10 years of friendship.

Micah Askins

I felt like a fairy. A pixie. A mystical being floating through the world with no mundane worries like student loans or doing laundry.

This look was a little hard to do. I really had to pack on the color for it to show as much as it did — and I even used eyeshadow primer! A tip I found online afterwards said to use a white eyeshadow as a base for bright colors like this, so the pigmentation isn't lost. Also blending, lots and lots of blending.

3. Colorful Lips

Instagram: @maccosmetics / Via Instagram: @maccosmetics

This is the easiest thing a person can do to get in on the colorful makeup trend. All your other makeup can be neutral, but with rainbow lips your look is instantly transformed to something high-fashion and avant-garde.


My lips matched my nails!

Micah Askins

Purple looks great with my skin tone, and I can see myself wearing this lipstick again on a fun night out. As I said, it's one of the easier colorful looks to do, so I think it'll be easy for me to incorporate into my makeup routine.

4. Colorful Lashes

Instagram: @magnifibres_es / Via Instagram: @magnifibres_es

Let's get one thing straight: I hate false eyelashes. I've tried to wear them multiple times and I always end up in tears -- whether it's from frustration or because I got glue in my eye. I figured colorful lashes are a great way for my lashes to pop without the assistance of falsies and that it would be the second-easiest colorful makeup trend to do (the lips being the easiest).

I'm going to be honest, I wasn't a fan of this look.

Micah Askins

It's funny because I thought I'd hate the colored brows and love the colored lashes, but the exact opposite happened! My eyelashes, while extremely visible, somehow look so sad? Maybe I should've tried this look with winged eyeliner or eyeshadow, but I have a feeling I still would've been underwhelmed with how my lashes looked.

I didn't have colored mascara, so I used a brush to apply a blue gel liner I had. Pro tip: DON'T DO THIS. It was hell getting it off my eyelashes. If you want to try this out yourself, invest in some colored mascara and save yourself the pain of scrubbing your eyes.

Overall, colorful makeup is really fun and I'll definitely wear some these colorful looks again!

Instagram: @maisongs / Via Instagram: @maisongs

I loved my colored brows and will totes be doing them again with different colors and effects like glitter or something. This experience taught me that it's OK to branch out a little with my color choices on my eyes (EXCEPT for my eyelashes) and lips. Colorful makeup is a great way to exercise your creativity and express yourself in a fun, quirky way to become the ethereal fairy mermaid princess you've always wanted to be.

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