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Why These 13 Foods Dietitians Recommend Specifically For Women

Women's bodies are diverse and complex, but for the most part we have the same nutritional needs. We're all subject to the whims of our hormones, and more prone to anxiety than our male counterparts. Additionally, those of us who are willing and able to have children deal with another set of bodily challenges and changes. And the majority of us will deal with menopausal changes later in life, as well as bone strength issues and exhaustion.

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The best way to care for your body, then, along with regular check-ups at the doctor and a grounded exercise routine, is to eat the foods that are best suited for your body's nutritional needs. Diet can play a huge role in our healthcare outcomes, and certain foods are vital for our wellness. I spoke to the experts, and here is a list of 12 specific foods women should be eating. 


Seafood is basically nutritional magic when it comes to your health. Rima Kleiner, a registered dietitian and blogger at Dish on Fish, told me, "When recommending foods for women, I always push for nutrient-rich options that can support a balanced diet to promote their overall health and well-being. Seafood, like shrimp, salmon, and tuna, is a delicious and healthy choice that can support a variety of health factors in women. Packed with protein and low in calories, seafood can help keep women feeling fuller longer, while boosting their hair and skin health."

And that's not all! Kleiner continued, "Seafood is also chock-full of omega-3 fatty acids that promote heart, brain, and eye health, while also reducing inflammation, which can help eliminate bloating and discomfort that occurs during a woman's menstrual cycle. Additionally, seafood is incredibly beneficial for pregnant and breastfeeding women, as omega-3s are essential for proper baby development and can also help prevent postpartum depression."

Just make sure you are consuming fish safely as mercury levels can be a concern; a great way to do that is to check the EPA guidelines.

Dark leafy greens

Everyone knows that leafy greens are healthy, but they're especially so for women because of their calcium content. Registered Dietitian Lainey Younkin, owner of Lainey Younkin Nutrition, a weight-loss practice in Boston, told me, "Dark leafy greens are high in calcium, which helps protect women's bones and decreases their risk of osteoporosis." And that's one of the most important nutrients for all women, especially as we age. See Other Benefits of Dark Leafy Green

Flaxseed meal

The humble flaxseed is a great addition to your diet because of its cancer-fighting powers. Dr. Caroline Apovian, Director of the Nutrition and Weight Management Center at the Boston Medical Center, told me, "Flaxseeds are rich with estrogen-like compounds called lignans.  Studies have demonstrated that adding flaxseeds to the diet of women with breast cancer slowed the growth of tumors.  As flaxseeds themselves are indigestible, I recommend my patients to add a tablespoon of meal per day into a protein smoothie." You can also add them to your breakfast cereal or into your sandwich condiments if you're not the smoothie type, or bake some into your breads and muffins.

Additional benefits include relief from constipation, improved digestive health, and lowered cholesterol levels, reducing your risk for heart disease. Plus they're cheap and available in bulk, either whole or ground, at your local health food store. Visit The Site to Continue Reading

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