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    20 Things That Are Way Too Freaking True If You're Straddling The Line Between Millennial And Gen Z

    It was a sad day when they declared Pluto wasn't a planet.

    1. These were probably your main modes of transportation as a kid.

    TheEntertainer, Walmart, Plasmart Toys

    2. Most of your childhood computer games were on CD-ROM.

    JumpStart & The Learning Company

    3. You probably started off with VHS tapes, but very quickly switched to DVDs.

    Video Africa

    VHS tapes were outsold by DVDs in 2002.

    4. If you were emo, it was probably in middle school, but not high school.

    Warner Music Group, Fueled by Ramen

    AKA "post-MySpace emos"

    5. You mastered the art of T9 texting right before smartphones became the norm.


    On your Razr, of course.

    6. You experienced a time before the era of smartphones, but you can't imagine living without one today.


    Now you're looking back and wondering, "WTF how did I survive that!?!?"

    7. Windows XP was among your childhood essentials.


    This wallpaper screams elementary and/or middle school.

    8. Speaking of Windows XP, this picture makes sounds in your head.


    *clink clink* BRRRWY! BRRRWY! BRRRWY!

    9. If you used dial-up internet before, it was probably only on Windows XP...


    10. ...and during that time, you probably only used the internet to play kids' Flash games.

    Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney

    11. You saw memes evolve.

    Philips, 9GAG

    12. You've seen two eras of kids' TV in the 2000s.

    Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney, PBS

    13. These live-action shows were popular among you and your friends.

    Nickelodeon, Disney

    14. You felt kinda heartbroken when Pluto was kicked out of the list of planets in 2006.


    "My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine" just sounds so incomplete. :(

    15. Your method of getting free music changed over the years.

    LimeWire, YoutubeToMp3, Spotify

    Methods got safer over the years, didn't they?

    16. You danced your heart out in Just Dance during one of your teen parties.


    17. You were probably somewhere between kindergarten or 3rd grade when you last saw/used a film camera.


    18. Instant messaging was your first mode of online communication before you moved on to social networking.

    AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo!

    And you probably initially lied about your age to sign up for an e-mail address.

    19. Speaking of social networking, you aren't too familiar with how Myspace or TikTok work.

    MySpace, TikTok

    Too young for one, too old for the other.

    20. And finally, you feel a great sense of relief each time your cohort gets recognized.


    Rock on, cuspers!

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