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Flirting - Expectation Vs Reality

Why does flirting look so easy in the movies?

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Seeing the person we find attractive for the first time

Expectation - you're cool, calm and collected. Seeing someone good-looking is no biggie to you...

Reality - Someone vaguely hot? Omg..omg..omg!!!

Your eyes meet

Expectation - We give them our best come hither look that says "Hey there, I'm sexy and fun yet approachable. Why not come and talk to me?"

Reality - yet somehow your face says "I'm a bit creepy, stay far far away"

We're feeling brave and throw in a wink and some eyebrow action

Expectation - it's drives them wild

Reality - it comes out looking more like a nervous tic

We eventually pluck up the courage to talk to our crush

Expectation - They find every aspect of our lives fascinating, they laugh at all our jokes and generally hang on our every word.

Reality - it goes down more like this..

Asking them out

Expectation - Our crush tell us they've been waiting for this moment since the day we first met

Reality - they tell us that they've got nothing better to do that weekend so why the hell not

First date nerves

Expectation - You feel some butterflies that only adds to the excitement

Reality - You need to be at least 2 meters radius from a toilet at any time

How we'll look on the first date

Expectation - Your first date outfit is bold, flirty and sexy...just like you

Reality - You probably should have had one last glance in the mirror on your way out

First date banter

Expectation - You charm the pants off your date

Reality - You overshare and worry you've scared them off

You hit the dance floor

Expectation - They're mesmerized by your moves

Reality - You slightly overdo the sexiness

Moving in for the first kiss

Expectation - nothing short of fireworks

Reality - awkwardness and lots of it

Arranging the next date

Expectation - you casually mention meeting up again, you feel you've done enough to secure second date but aren't too hung up on it if it doesn't happen

Reality - You're not above begging

So in conclusion, I think the lesson here is to stop looking to TV and movies as our barometer for romantic encounters. So yeah, we may have a few flirting fails but at the end of the day that's what makes us real. I'll take that over a corny encounter any day.


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