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10 Reasons To Love London Transport

Every now and then TFL can surprise you with a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment of happiness...

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1. When you make eye contact with someone cute and it leaves you smiling for the rest of the day

2. The secret joy you experience when your favourite seat is free

3. The rare moments of quiet time when you can reflect on life or just look out window and be a silent observer of everything going on around you.

4. The whole array of crazy and eccentric people you would never otherwise have met

5. Simple acts of kindness like someone giving up their seat for a pregnant woman, that restore your faith in humanity.

6. The pride you feel when you figure out where to get on the tube so that you are right next to the exit when getting off, thus saving valuable seconds of your time

7. Suddenly have lots of extra time to do all those essential things like checking your make up, Facebook stalking or reading random lists on Buzzfeed.

8. Two words - people watching. You're also in the best position to eavesdrop on people's lives, ya know, if you were a bit nosey that is... *ahem*...

9. Getting to see all the major attractions for free (ok well for the price of your ticket anyway)

10. The fact that petrol, road tax, insurance and parking fines are not in your vocabulary.

And finally - when you come to the realisation that you don't even have to stick to your intended destination - you could go anywhere you like, the whole city is your oyster...

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