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    31 Reviewer-Loved Things From Target That’ll Make Being A Pet Parent A Little Easier

    It's not easy, you know...

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A six-pack of plant-based pet waste bags that are thick and leakproof to prevent any unwanted ~contact~. Take the struggle out of handling your dog's business with these super-cute baggies.

    2. A tasty wellness supplement to keep your best friend nice 'n' healthy. Your dog will get a much-deserved treat and you can rest easy knowing you're doing something every day to keep your fur kid at their best.

    The supplement bottle

    3. A powerful stain and odor eliminator so you can rescue your furniture from yucky pet messes. It uses oxygen bubbles to clean even deep-set grossness to leave your home smelling fresh as a daisy.

    The spray bottle of stain and odor eliminator

    4. A tunnel cat scratcher that isn't an eyesore. Just because your feline has an itch doesn't mean your home can't still be Better Homes & Gardens–worthy.

    The cat scratcher

    5. A practically indestructible Kong chew toy that your power chewer won't destroy in five minutes. Up the intrigue by filling it with your dog's favorite treat.

    6. A package of millet bird treats to help you engage and bond with your feathered friend. These all-natural treats are delicious and add some variety to their diet.

    The treats

    7. A pack of human-grade grooming wipes that gently clean all the nooks and crannies, leaving your pet's skin and coat healthy and fresh. No need to wrestle your four-legged friend into the bathtub — these large wipes can handle the job.

    A hand pulling out a wipe

    8. A bag of delicious Blue Buffalo cat treats to bribe your stubborn feline to do just about anything. You can feel good about rewarding with this healthy alternative, and hey — maybe you'll *finally* get them to listen to you.

    A model feeding a cat the treats

    9. A box of eco-friendly wood litter that prevents odors before they take over your entire house. It's also 99% dust free so you and your cat *both* breathe easier.

    The litter clumped in a litter scooper

    10. A play mat with a delightful crinkle effect to keep your kitty entertained and off of your stuff. It doubles as a cozy nap spot for them, too.

    A cat lying on the mat

    11. A jar of fish food that is nutritionally balanced so you can do everything to keep your betta healthy in one feeding. Plus, it has carotenoids to keep their color vibrant.

    12. An Arm & Hammer rake and bin so you can stay as far away from icky dog messes as possible during your yard cleaning. No more kneeling, squatting, or struggling to hygienically dispose of pet waste.

    The rake and bin

    13. A four-month supply of affordable flea drops to prevent your kitty from having to experience any discomfort or itching while you stay on a budget. It contains the same active ingredients as the pricier topicals.

    14. A bag of soft and fluffy small pet bedding that absorbs and controls odors so your little one's cage doesn't stink. It's also 99.9% dust free so your friend will be sneezing less (though hamster sneezes are *precious*).

    The bedding

    15. A snazzy travel carrier with locking zippers so you don't have to worry about your pet getting loose in places where they shouldn't. Its faux-sheepskin mattress and mesh windows will keep your companion calm 'n' comfy.

    A model carrying a dog in the carrier in lettuce

    16. A bottle of aquarium conditioner to make maintenance of your fishy friend's home simpler for you and safer for them. This gentle formula removes metals, conditions tap water, and adds minerals.

    17. A bag of Iams dry food so you can stop pricey health issues associated with cat obesity before they start. Also, fewer hairballs to clean up. *purr*

    The bag of food

    18. A package of calming treats so you don't have to deal with a misbehaving dog every time that the weather gets bad. Treat them to a delicious treat anytime you'd like to kick back and relax — they will too.

    The 60 count bag of treats next to a dog

    19. A durable food scoop with measurement lines so you don't have to guesstimate how much food you're feeding your pet. It also won't leave your hands smelling of kibble like using a cup can.

    The scoop

    20. A health DNA test so you're not completely clueless when making decisions regarding your pet's health. You'll also discover if your dog is indeed the breed that they claim to be.

    21. A bag of nutritionally fortified parakeet food made with a premium blend of fruits, vegetables, and grain. You'll be making fewer specialty store runs to buy food and your bird will stay healthy 'n' happy.

    The food

    22. A stylish feeding mat so you're not constantly cleaning up rogue water and kibble from your messy pet. This plastic mat is simple to wipe down and has a nonskid backing to hold it in place.

    The mat

    23. A minty-fresh dental chew that your dog will love. Keep bad breath at bay without the time-consuming chore of brushing your pup's teeth.

    The 5.26 ounce box of chews

    24. An engaging Kong interactive toy that will drain a bit of your dog's seemingly endless energy without totally depleting yours. As they say, a tired pup is a good pup.

    Two dogs playing with the toy

    25. A pack of three disposable litter boxes so you don't have to break out the sledgehammer to try to remove the stuff stuck to the bottom of a plastic pan. This recycled cardboard gem is completely biodegradable and perfect for travel.

    A cat in front of the litter box

    26. A pack of gel air fresheners that eliminate odors from your pet without requiring much effort on your part. Just because you're a fur parent doesn't mean that your guests have to smell it.

    One air freshener

    27. A wooden cage to keep your lil' one happy without disturbing your home's aesthetic. It's got all the playtime bells 'n' whistles for them and includes two conveniently placed cage openings for you.

    The cage on a table

    28. An Arm & Hammer deodorizer spray that will keep the cat box smelling fresh. You'll be able to replace the litter less and your home will smell fabulous.

    The spray bottle

    29. An enclosed cat box to ensure that litter pellets and *other* bathroom things don't end up on your floor. It also helps to control odors with a removable filter and its hooded design.

    The box

    30. A set of mouse toys infused with catnip to keep even the most rambunctious of cats entertained without the mess of the loose stuff. You can thank me later.

    A cat playing with the toys

    31. An antimicrobial ear rinse to help prevent painful and ugly infections. You'll be spending *a lot* less time going back and forth from the vet and more time enjoying being a pet parent.

    The bottle of rinse

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