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    17 Things From PetSmart That’ll Help You Safely Spend More Time Outdoors With Your Pet Bird

    It's their ~natural habitat~.

    1. A portable cage so your bird can enjoy all the comforts and security of their home without you having to lug their *actual* one outside. It also folds flat and has a handy pull-out waste tray for pet parent convenience.

    The white wire cage

    2. A hanging disco ball toy with a bell so your pet can have an open-air party while you relax in the grass. It will tap into their natural instincts to communicate and respond to noises — it's like Coachella for birds.

    The toy

    3. An outdoor run that attaches to your coop so your flock can enjoy the sun on their face and the wind in their feathers. They'll be safe from predators and you'll be able to watch their ~chicken dances~.

    The run attached to a coop holding two chickens

    4. A cage water bottle because — like all of us — birds need proper hydration when they're out in the sun. This one has an easy-to-fill top and is simple to attach to a new cage.

    The bottle and included cage attachment

    5. A lightweight carrier with a shoulder strap so you and birdie can securely enjoy the great outdoors, wherever they may be. Wire mesh windows on either side of this bag ensure your copilot will never miss a moment.

    The carrier and shoulder strap

    6. A spacious flight cage so your bird has plenty of room to move around in the fresh air while still being protected from harm. Add its included accessories and easy-clean tray, and this one is a winner!

    The cage

    7. A round cage so your small bird can enjoy the sunshine in style. You can relax knowing your friend is safe and they'll feel like the belle of the ball in this classic aviary.

    The cage in green

    8. A pack of triple-baked snack sticks to divert your bird's attention from the stressful noises and stimuli of the outdoor environment. Sit back and take it all in as your pet crunches to their heart's content.

    The sticks with cage clip

    9. A jar of oat treats to ensure that your feathered friend is engaged in safe and healthy outdoor activity. Their natural foraging instincts will keep 'em busy while you both get some vitamin D.

    The jar of treats

    10. A bag of mini pellets formulated with natural, high-quality ingredients so that your bird is healthy and ready to face the elements. Reviewers say that their birds love it and they feel good about feeding it!

    The bag

    11. A play stand with so much to do, your bird will be too busy having the time of its life to even *think* about getting mischievous outside! Easy-rolling wheels and a built-in storage shelf ensure that you and your pet will be ready for whatever the day has in store.

    the playstand

    12. A rolling bird stand so your bird will always have a safe and comfortable place to perch when you take them outside. Put their favorite snacks in the two attached bowls and they may never get off of this thing.

    The medium stand

    13. A bag of bakery-style cookies healthy enough for treating any good bird. Keep a bag on hand to reward your well-behaved pet and reinforce appropriate outdoor etiquette.

    The bag of oven baked, banana nut-flavor cookies

    14. A cozy lil' nesting hut that will help your bird acclimate to a new environment. When the outdoor experience becomes *a bit* too much, overwhelmed pets can relax and recharge in the privacy of this tent.

    The hut

    15. An easy-to-attach food cup that easily fits into most cages, so your feathered friend can fuel up alfresco. Its hooded design also means less of a mess for you to clean up later.

    The green 4-ounce cup filled with food in a reviewer's bird's cage

    16. A bottle of anxiety-relieving drops because honking horns, barking dogs, and general loudness outdoors can really freak a bird out. Prevent any destructive or desperate behavior by adding a few drops to their water.

    The bottle

    17. A breathable cage cover because if your bird is constantly freaked out by outdoor stimuli while relaxing *indoors*, imagine what poor lil' guy will be like in your front yard. Not good.

    The cover on a bird cage

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