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    7 Reasons Yoga Pants Are The Only Piece Of Clothing You Need In Your Life

    If there's anything controversially loved on the internet these days, it's yoga pants. Between the see-through yoga pants controversy with a company-that-shall-not-be-named and the anti-yoga-pants "leggings aren't pants!" posts we see on social media every day juxtaposed with the serious love and devotion for them among women everywhere (cough.. and men), I thought it would be appropriate to add my pro-yoga-pants voice into the mix. Here are the 7 reasons why yoga pants are the best ever, and you clearly need them in your life.

    1. They are the most multipurpose piece of clothing available.

    2. They're more comfortable than anything you've ever worn before.

    3. There is an endless supply of cuts and colors to choose from.

    4. They'll help you achieve the ultimate level of laziness.

    5. They are the easiest way to make your tush look fab.

    6. They give you FREEDOM.

    7. You can wear them again and again.. and no one will notice (usually).