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    • marypiercec

      Not to be a party pooper, and rain on this big Wegmans love fest, BUT, I live in Corning, NY, and our Wegmans sucks! :-(  Granted, it’s light years ahead of our only other options, Walmart & Aldi (although I do shop a fair amount at Aldi, for certain items whose prices can’t be beat and quality is good) …. But compared to any other Wegmans I’ve been in it’s abysmal.  First off, it’s TINY. the produce section is miniscule; the selections very limited, especially organic produce. Secondly, the store continues to reduce the selection of all items and to discontinue long-standing items that many people were purchasing and enjoying.  The person in charge of their purchasing and restocking appears to have trouble doing their job properly, as they are frequently out of stock for days and sometimes weeks at a time on important brands and items such as dog food and candy bars! they definitely do not have 300 cheeses available in their deli, and the olive bar is disappointingly small.  I realize that Corning is a much smaller town then most of the towns & cities where there are Wegmans, but for an educated food consumer looking for healthy,interesting food, Corning Wegmans is a huge disappointment.  Ithaca Wegmans is much better and more in line with the beautiful Wegmans stores pictured in this article. But 45 miles is a long way to go for groceries.  Wegmans, I do hope you’re reading these comments and that you will do something to improve the Corning Wegmans store. I have almost all but stop shopping there because I’m so discouraged every time I go in and can’t find what I want or need.  I hear Tops is coming in down the road a couple miles. I don’t like them a whole lot either, they have virtually nothing organic in produce, and their prices are horribly high. But I’ll definitely be giving them the benefit of the doubt and trying them out as soon as they open. Maybe I need to contact Alec Baldwin & his mom and get them to come visit our little Wegmans and put some pressure on Danny & Co. to bring it into the 21st century ~ LOL !

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