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How Good Are You At Adulting?

Age is just a number.

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  1. Check off all the adult things you do:

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    You realize the world doesn't revolve around you.
    You enjoy things unironically.
    You're comfortable being alone.
    You don't live at home.
    You don't live with roommates.
    You own furniture.
    You have pictures in frames or art hanging on your walls (not posters).
    You own tools.
    You know how to use said tools.
    You've checked your smoke detector.
    You clean up after yourself.
    You make your bed.
    You clean/put away dishes immediately.
    You clean your place regularly.
    You take out the garbage regularly.
    You recycle.
    You put things away where they belong.
    You do laundry regularly.
    You have non-disposable dish-ware.
    You have basic kitchen supplies (measuring cups, can opener, spatula etc.).
    You make sure your kitchen is always stocked with food.
    You know how to cook without using a microwave.
    You do your own grocery shopping.
    You've thrown a dinner party.
    You always have food to offer guests.
    You keep up with current events.
    You have interests other than partying.
    You have interests other than screen activities (TV, video games, the internet).
    You actually RSVP "yes" or "no" to events.
    You write thank-you notes.
    You realize not everyone will like you, and that's ok.
    You know when an argument isn't worth it.
    You accept defeat graciously.
    You know how to respectfully interact with people, even ones you don't care for.
    You have a job.
    You are actively seeking a job.
    You know how to network.
    You own a suit.
    You own business cards.
    Your social media accounts aren't full of party pictures or rants.
    You have a resume and know how to write a cover letter.
    You've negotiated a salary/ asked for a raise.
    You have an expense budget set for yourself.
    You have a savings account.
    You have minimum debt (besides student loans).
    You pay all your own bills.
    You contribute to bills.
    You have a decent credit score.
    You know what 401(k)'s and IRA's are, perhaps have one.
    You know how to file your taxes.
    You own a car that's not your parents.
    You keep your car regulalrly maintained.
    You own a house.
    You know how to iron your clothes.
    You separate your laundry.
    You go to the dry cleaners.
    You have houseplants or a garden.
    You have a pet.
    You have kids.
    You workout regularly.
    You take vitamins.
    You get routine doctor check-ups.
    You get routine dental cleanings
    You drink plenty of water.
    You eat plenty fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods.
    You wear sunscreen daily.
    You brush your teeth twice a day and floss regularly.
    You actually keep people's secrets.
    You're supportive of other people's successes.
    You know how to apologize.
    You know how to accept an apology.
    You know how to take responsibility for a mistake.
    You don't hold grudges.
    You have first-aid supplies on hand.
    You know how to give condolences.
    You have a will.
    You have a relationship with your parents besides asking them for money.

How Good Are You At Adulting?

You do not know how to adult.

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You enjoy the perks of growing-up, but still working on this responsibility thing.

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Congratulations, you can successfully adult!

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