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10 Ways To Look Like You Showered Today

Too lazy to shower every day? It's ok. I got you.

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How often one needs to shower is a subject of great debate. No matter what your stance is we all have those days where we're running late or are just too lazy for a shower. Here're some tips to help you get through those days and save some water:

1. Don't put any products in hair or use perfume on day one

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All that product build up will contribute to making hair and skin oily - save that stuff for later. After you've just showered it's best to keep it clean and simple (this goes for styling your hair too).

3. Clean bedding

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This especially goes for night showerers. There's a lot of sweat, dead skin, dirt and oil our sheets absorb from our bodies, not to mention all the dust and allergens in the air. Bedding should be cleaned regularly no matter what, but especially if you're not showering every morning.

6. Wash your face


While you're at it, you can do a quick once over on the rest of your body using a wash cloth. It's not gonna get you as clean as a shower, but it's an easy way to freshen up when a full shower just isn't happening.

7. Dry shampoo

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You can also use baby powder or DIY a mix, if you prefer. Whatever you use, leave it in your hair and let it sit to soak up oils. Finish getting ready - do your makeup or grab some coffee, whatever. After 10-15 minutes rub it in and brush it through the rest of your hair to get the best results.

8. Makeup

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I know ladies, makeup can be a pain and if you didn't have time to shower you probably aren't looking to spend time on makeup. BUT makeup screams effort when it comes to appearance, and can make you look refreshed and awake. You don't have to get fully made up to benefit from it either. A little mascara or tinted tips can go a long way.

9. Style your hair

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There's a reason stylists add lots of product to your hair. Unwashed hair is ideal for creating elaborate hairstyles or even simple ones; the extra oils allow it to hold shape better. Now's the time to try that crazy Pinterest up-do or a gelled coif.

10. Perfume & cologne

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Now that you're freshened up and have your hair all fancy, you're ready for the finishing touch. There's no need to go overboard, in fact that's a dead giveaway. As I said earlier, hair holds scent better so spray a few spritzes in the air then walk through it so it lands on your head. This will help the scent last longer and makes it seem refreshing rather than overbearing.

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