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It's Time To Celebrate Theroux's Back Thursday

Let's take a look back...(see what we did there).

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Justin Theroux is doing pretty well for himself right now. His new HBO show The Leftovers has rave reviews. He's engaged to the always amazing Jennifer Aniston. And to top it all off, he has a great back. Check out some of our favorite Theroux's back Thursday moments.

First of all, he has a tattoo. / Via The Huffington Post

Like, a huge tattoo.

With a bird and so many more magical things. / Via news-4y

Basically, his back is a masterpiece. / Via Popsugar

But he can also rock a backpack. / Via Denimology

Really, really well. / Via Just Jared

And don't forget about the leather jacket. / Via Denim Blog

Basically, Justin Theroux has an amazing back. / Via Popsugar

Thanks for bringing the back, back, Justin.


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