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    11 Things Girls Say They’re Going To Do Every Summer

    There is nobody more ambitious than a girl who has a big, bright, beautiful summer ahead of her. She's got a list of things she wants to accomplish and is absolutely oblivious to the fact that she'll accomplish few or none of these things.

    1. Get tan / Via

    But as a result of one fateful June afternoon without sunscreen, multiple days are spent soaking in aloe, weeks are spent peeling and it's decide that Jergens might be the way to go.

    2. Eat clean

    Vimbly / Via

    Healthy green sludge only seems like a good idea in theory, summer food is the best food and a craving for cheese fries will always be stronger than will power.

    3. Work out consistently / Via

    After some motivation on Pinterest and new Nike Frees, it's time to go. But after a grueling 2 mile run it's decide exercise is not for everybody and the walk from the house to the car should count as daily cardio.

    4. Read some of the classics

    lark & linen / Via

    To Kill A Mockingbird? There. Pride and Prejudice? On it. The entire Gossip Girls series? ...that counts, right?

    5. Following through on their "DIY" board on Pinterest

    theBERRY / Via

    And then realizing that being crafty is actually pretty hard and glitter will make you its bitch every time.

    6. Get a boyfriend (or at least someone to text back on the reg)

    tumblr. / Via tumblr

    Sandy made it look so easy! But maybe that's because Snapchat wasn't a thing yet.

    7. Spend tons of time outside

    SodaHead / Via

    ...only to quickly realize that air conditioning is God's gift to earth and bug bites suck.

    8. Organize their bedroom

    stagetecture / Via

    Oh look, some letters from my high school ex-boyfriend tucked under my bed! Let me just read these, get overwhelmed in a wave of nostalgia, Facebook stalk him intensely, go get some ice cream and completely forget about what it was I was originally doing.

    9. Save money / Via

    But concert tickets, bathing suits, ice cream, gas and magazines don't pay for themselves...

    10. Learn to play guitar (or some other hobby that's always seemed like something they were meant to do)

    Guitar Guide / Via

    After determining that watching early Taylor Swift videos is basically the same thing as learning how to play, this budding hobby is forgotten and replaced by surfing Buzzfeed articles.

    11. Go on summer adventures

    Seeking The South / Via

    Except home is boring, all the cool ideas are way too expensive and spontaneous summer adventures are way harder to have than anticipated. Besides, getting really into a series on Netflix is basically like an adventure.

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