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    • maryd41d7c4424

      SERIAL PLAGIARISM! I taught English for a term, tutored, and other times ran an editing service. It was so ANNOYING dealing with students or clients who thought nothing of copying whole paragraphs to full documents and presenting them as their own and then expecting me to look aside, or worse: edit “their” paper for mistakes. I just can’t stand that. Never did. When I had the power as a teacher, I would paste a note that said: “Please turn in original paper for grade.” It was amazing the effect that had on some people. Suddenly they would scramble to apologize or actually turn in something original. They would get ONE chance, and if they were brazen enough to try it again in class, I would give them a zero for that assignment. The next attempt would be met with a threat to report them to the school (I wasn’t working in the US).  But if you’re going to ask me as a daycare teacher, Sunday school teacher, activity teacher, sub, or group tutor what I found most annoying was, in the following order
      1) “Time hogs” that tried to take up all of my time away from others,
      2) Bullies
      3) Openly disrupting teaching, belittling my teaching right in front of the class, or someone else while giving an answer or a speech, or during someone else’s project, or during a test.
      4) Gross things like spitting on desks, throwing up in class, smelling really bad (whether from gassing a lot, too much perfume, or not bathing regularly when students are able to do so), or sneezing right in someone’s face
      5) Serial absence, tardiness, sleeping in class, or procrastination on classwork and studying for tests—no teacher likes to give bad grades, but it’s even worse when the person doesn’t even make an effort to get a grade!

    • maryd41d7c4424

      EVERY WEEKEND IN CHICAGO DOZENS OF PEOPLE ARE MURDERED IN CHICAGO ARE MURDERED IN GANG VIOLENCE AND KILLED BY STRAY BULLETS and that’s WITHOUT COPS being involved!! Where are the protests about THAT!! What about the kids who murder each other all the time?? What about the thousands of women and children murdered every year by muggers, rapists and drug dealers?? What about that?? I was a victim of sexual assault several times and one stalker and they are currently FREE and LOOSE among YOU, not to mention several multiple time CHILD MOLESTERS I know of. Are you CONCERNED about THEM being LOOSE? Or are you only concerned when they get SHOT DEAD? Some of them NEED to be shot dead, in my opinion. I am glad when a woman kills someone who tries to rape her or mug her with a weapon, even a knife or lesser weapon, or the dad down in Texas killed a man he found on his farm in the process of raping his tween age girl. Because they get maybe ten years and then are released and if an officer shoots them, then the liberals get all in a dither! If you are told to “get out of the street” and onto the sidewalk when you are walking down the center lane, the SMART thing is to MOVE and not oppose the officer. If Mike Brown had listened instead of defying the officer, then he would be alive NOW.

    • maryd41d7c4424

      I suppose if I shot the man who was chasing me with his car I would be protested too? None of you understand that he bullied the Asian clerk on the store security camera. It was clear he did that. It was clear the officer didn’t even know about the robbery in advance, he only saw two idiots walking down the center line and was concerned about their safety and the safety of others and asked them to move to the sidewalk. Instead of complying, Mike Brown attacked and Darren Wilson suffered a busted eye socket. Whether he should have shot after that is what’s up for debate, umm, maybe at least once or twice as a warning shot? I don’t think we should tell him he should have gotten punched multiple times without fighting back. Mike Brown easily was physically bigger and stronger. And WHY were those two IDIOTS walking the central median?? They would never have been picked up for the crime until later because they wouldn’t have attracted the attention of the officer in the FIRST PLACE. The officer pulled alongside only because they were “taking on cars.” For all we know, he was concerned for their safety as much as motorists. Now why didn’t they move to the sidewalk?
      Besides, I know more than a few things about guns. Those shots were head on, not in the back. This lie of him being shot “six times in the back” just a LIE, unless the sketch people are LOUSY these days. As for six times, yeah maybe that was a bit much, but if the officer had the typical 38 with multiple firing ability and was dealing with a bleeding eye socket and the thought Mike Brown was going to attack him again, you can’t blame him for firing his gun. It’s way too easy to shoot six times with a 38 or similar that can fire multiple times without pulling a safety back or pressing a safety. They are not like the old six shooters or other guns where you had to pull back a safety or push a safety for every shot. I know because I have handled a 38 and it would be EASY to do and it is also EASY to MISS your target, especially with a messed up eye. His first shots were to the arm so the real issue was whether MIke Brown then stopped or just kept coming. According to the officer he kept coming. We don’t know but I DO KNOW what is a front shot and what is a back shot and I know how a 38 handles and I can imagine how a guy might act if his eye got punched out and how he might react. You CAN’T put a murder charge on that officer because his medical record shows his eye socket was fractured and some witnesses say shots were fired IN the car and the shooting of the eye and the shooting pattern shows he was facing Darren Wilson and that he was shot at close range, NOT at a distance while running away.
      The most blatant thing I can say is I agree with the black pastor who asked, “Why didn’t he just move to the sidewalk??” Yeah, why didn’t he? That would have avoided a whole lot of trouble. No one has the right to walk right down the center of a street, that’s just asking for trouble and just moving to the sidewalk at the worst would have meant that Darren Wilson, once hearing about the robbery a little while later, would have called for back up, and probably gone after him with other officers, which would have meant that maybe Mike Brown would have not tried what he did with many officers present rather than just one car and would have gone to jail for robbery and intimidating the store clerk and then being a minor, would have been released a short while later. Too bad Mike Brown didn’t have the foresight to realize that would have been much smarter. I have been stopped walking or biking by police and had the brains not to defy the officer, that just escalates the situation. I didn’t even argue about my bicycle not having a “city license” where I was living at the time. I just promptly got the “operating license” despite the fact I could hardly afford it and didn’t quibble even though I was not aware that city required a license. I didn’t even argue when I was falsely accused of stealing. I knew I was innocent and it was proven a little while later and the accuser apologized. No problem. Better than getting stupid with police or doing really phenomenally stupid stuff like committing crime while bullying someone smaller, then jaywalking and then defying a cop that asks you not to walk down the center of a street. Just move to the sidewalk and don’t argue like the black pastor said he should have done. Who knows? He might not then have ever been caught for the crime and he certainly would not have done the time because he was a minor and the democratic controlled law system really coddles minors.

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