27 Unpopular "Stranger Things" Opinions That'll Unsettle Fans More Than Any Demogorgon

    "The writers and actors are leaning too heavily on the fact that the fans love these two characters, and made their banter insufferable."

    A lil' while ago, I asked members of the BuzzFeed Community for their most unpopular and controversial opinions about Stranger Things. Here are some of their answers.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity. Also, there are spoilers for all four seasons ahead, so proceed with caution. 

    1. "I feel like Steve and Nancy should have stayed together and Jonathan should have stayed out of their business! Steve and Nancy are a way better couple than Jonathan and Nancy!"


    Jonathan cupping Nancy's face in his hands

    2. "I think Steve and Nancy getting back together makes sense, and I’m actively rooting for it to happen. In Season 1, Steve was the popular asshole, but he’s had a lot of character development that Jonathan simply hasn’t had. Jonathan is still the overworked older brother, only now he deals with his stress with weed. Jonathan and Nancy have also been drifting apart for some time now — since Season 3, actually. They were both employed at that newspaper, but the editors never took Nancy seriously because she was a woman, and no matter what Nancy told Jonathan, he didn’t really understand the sexism, even if he was minorly supportive. Him not telling Nancy about his college decision will just be the tipping point."

    "Admittedly, Steve and Nancy broke up because Steve did not understand Nancy’s trauma over losing Barb; nor did he want to. At the end of the first volume, Nancy’s going to have to face her past with Barb again, this time with Steve, and this time he will be there for her."


    3. "Jonathan who? Steve who? Nancy belongs with ROBIN."


    Nancy and Robin looking at something with concern

    4. "The first season was fantastic, and after that I just hated every single character. None of them felt interesting or worth watching, and I knew it was played out when I finished Season 3 and felt relieved instead of bummed. The first season had mystery, plot, and good writing. The other seasons had gore and, really, not much else."


    Joyce and Jim hold on to Eleven in the gym

    5. "The Steve-Dustin dynamic is ruined in Season 4. The writers and actors are leaning too heavily on the fact that the fans love these two characters, and made their banter insufferable. The long pauses each of them takes after their quips at each other are almost like they’re performing in front of a live studio audience and they’re giving time for the laugh track. It totally ruins the vibes of an otherwise almost perfect season."


    6. "I don't understand the hype over Steve...he's okay, I guess? Kind of overrated, in my opinion."


    Robin and Steve (with arms crossed) in sailor outfits, and Dustin in a cap

    7. "The show is starting to 'Marvel-ize,' and by that, I mean there's a touch too much banter this season, especially in what are supposed to be serious or scary situations. Really takes the stakes down for me."


    8. "I’m confused by Robin’s character this season. Last season, she came across as this cool, smart woman, whereas this season, she’s super awkward and clumsy? It doesn’t seem like the same character to me."


    "She doesn't know Morse code this season — like, are you joking? This woman literally decoded Russian code." 


    Robin in a sailor uniform and Ahoy hat holding up a "You rule/You suck" scoreboard

    9. "I don't think Mike is a very good friend, aside from trying to help Will in Season 2. He ditched Dustin to make out with El after he just got back, he's insensitive to Will in the later seasons, and he clashes with Lucas a lot. Dustin is best in the friend group."


    "Mike is the worst, and I don't get why people like him. He's possessive over El and just selfish as a friend, and he's only become worse as the seasons have gone on. Honestly, out of all the characters, I wouldn't mind if he was killed off." 


    10. "I wish Mike wasn't the object of Will's affection. Granted, it could end up that he isn't, but the way it's looking and how the cast is talking about it, I feel like that is how they're going. I get that Mike could have played a role in his sexual awakening, but I wish Will wasn't actively interested in him. I think that mostly boils down to the fact that I think Mike has been a bad friend to him. Will deserves better."


    Mike and Will looking at something with fear

    11. "It’s overhyped. Season 1 was good, Season 2 was okay, Season 3 was meh, and Season 4? Can't be bothered."


    12. "Season 3 is my least favorite of the whole series. The more wacky and outlandish tone didn't match the seriousness of the other seasons. Sure, it was fun, but I wasn't super invested in the fate of the characters or the story the way I was before."


    "Season 3 was the black sheep of the series. One can easily skip it and just watch the two-minute recap, but you know what? Season 4 makes up for it. TOO GOOD!"


    13. "Season 3 is actually the best season. I think the blend of humor and drama makes for such a great season. The stakes were higher than they’ve ever been, and yet the show managed to implement such a humorous tone throughout with the summer vibes and just, ugh...so good."

    Jake Clements

    Various cast members, including Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in front, standing together

    14. "Mike and El have zero chemistry."

    Riley MacDonald

    Mike with his arm around Eleven as they walk

    15. "Max and Lucas are a better couple than Eleven and Mike. They have a steady stream of banter and rely a lot on each other. Also, when El was getting humiliated by Angela, Mike did nothing but ask the man to turn the music off. I would have walked onto the rink and kicked her ass."


    Max and Lucas looking at each other

    16. "I don't like the storylines with El on her own away from the group. Was it Season 2? And now in Season 4. I read an article that said that is one of the more interesting points of the season. And sure, it's cool seeing what's going on with the Creel/Vecna dude, but otherwise, total snoozefest. El is not an interesting-enough character."


    Eleven in a hospital gown looking in a mirror

    17. "Jonathan and Nancy are way less interesting now that they’re an official couple. Their individual storylines were better, and their relationship is just sort of meh."


    18. "I really struggle with Nancy. She has moments of greatness, but in between those, she is the blandest character in the entire show, with little to no actual personality besides 'journalism,' and no character arc within any season or across all four seasons. I will never understand why Steve or Jonathan chases her so much."


    Nancy as a visitor in a jail cell

    19. "I just could not with Argyle. He was SO exaggerated and irritating! He said maybe two funny things, but otherwise, I completely tuned him out."


    Argyle on the phone

    20. "I liked that random episode of Season 2 where Eleven goes off with the people who have powers like her. I definitely think that they should have been utilized more and affected the show in some way. I loved the episode, but it doesn't feel necessary if they didn’t actually do anything, and they just didn’t."

    Jake Clements

    21. "I think the Duffer Brothers have a huge issue with pacing. I often find that the first three or four episodes of every season bore me to tears, and then it gets good for the final few episodes. For the first few episodes, it’s always riding around on bikes, something's lurking in the shadows, gotta fight to try to convince everyone that something's happening, everyone has one piece of the puzzle but no one decides to tell anyone else, and endless bickering instead of actual interesting action. Honestly, I usually find the first three episodes could be one episode. Maybe that’s why I liked the 'Lost Sister' episode so much when everyone else hated it. At least something was HAPPENING."


    Eleven reaching for something outside as Kali looks on

    22. "I didn’t even make it through Season 1. I’m just not its target, I think, but I couldn’t force myself to pay attention."


    23. "The kids are pretty boring. It’s all about the older kids this season. Give me Robin, Steve, Eddie, Joyce, Murray, Hopper, Mrs. Wheeler, and Argyle."


    Smiling Joyce and others sitting around a dinner table

    24. "Jonathan and Nancy should never have gotten together. I feel like everybody forgave Jonathan way too quickly for taking pictures of Nancy as she took her clothes off. Sure, he got his camera broken, but then he gets a new camera and Nancy in the end? It's really gross and inexcusable behavior, and it's not really discussed again. He's a creepy voyeur going down the useless stoner route, and honestly, aside from his connection to Will, I feel like he doesn't add very much to the overall plot."


    25. "I don't really understand the whole Russian subplot. Felt a bit Game of Thrones–y Season 8. Also, 'Enzo's' Russian accent sucks!"


    Jim in a Russian-style hat (with ear flaps) in an icy, prisonlike setting

    26. "I feel like the show didn’t really need seasons 2 and 3, and seasons 1 and 4 make the most sense together as a whole. I think because the Duffer Brothers originally thought Season 1 would be a miniseries, they didn’t have a plan for the rest of the series, so for seasons 2 and 3, they introduced a bunch of monsters and elements of the Upside Down that weren’t really necessary. I don’t think they understood where they wanted the story and the lore to go overall until this season. Unless the end of Season 4 ties the Mind Flayer back to Vecna in some amazing way, those seasons were just unnecessary and not super interesting."


    27. And finally, less of an unpopular opinion than an excellent spinoff pitch: "I want an entire series of Erica Sinclair playing Dungeons & Dragons with the Hellfire Club."


    Erica and other girls eating ice cream cones

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