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    Tell Us Your Unpopular "The Last Of Us" Opinions

    We want to hear from you.

    I assume that if you're here, you've been watching HBO's video game adaptation/zombie-but-not drama The Last of Us. I've loved the show so far, but you know what else I love? Good old-fashioned pop culture pot stirring. So I want to hear from you: What are your unpopular opinions and hot takes about The Last of Us?

    The show makes ample use of flashbacks, from the beginning of the outbreak to Ellie's experience in the mall to a 1960s television interview about — what else? — the myriad dangers of fungi. Maybe you don't care for these breaks from the action and only want to see Joel and Ellie's current-day journey.

    Perhaps you're a fan of the video game and don't like some of the changes made in the adaptation. For example, the choice to have Ellie and Riley play a working version of Mortal Kombat, instead of making do with a broken console and their imaginations.

    Or maybe you're just sick and tired of these characters never saying, "Hey, do these violent, contagious 'infected' remind anyone of zombies?"

    Tell us your The Last of Us unpopular opinion or hot take in the comments below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.

    Also, I know this has come up in discussions about this show, so let me be clear: If your "hot take" is just "I don't like queer characters/storylines," kindly show yourself and your antiquated attitudes out of my comments section.