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    17 Storylines From Otherwise Beloved Shows That Fans Absolutely Cannot Stand

    What happened to Princess Shireen in Game of Thrones is perhaps three of the most agonizing minutes to ever air on television.

    Last week, we posted a list of TV storylines that fans despised, even though they took place in shows they normally adored. Needless to say, the comments section was so spicy it could be distilled into a Hot Ones sauce. (And not one of the first five, either.) Here are 17 more times TV shows said "yes" to stories when fans desperately wanted them to say "no."

    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity. Also, brace yourselves for an abundance of spoilers ahead. 

    1. "Carl's death on The Walking Dead. It was a cheap copout. After growing up in a zombie apocalypse, he never would have died in that manner. Just a stupid ending to make things easier for the writers."

    "I love you, Carl. I love you so much."

    2. "Michael’s death on Jane the Virgin. He and Jane finally got their happy ending, only for them to kill him off and then bring him back in a twisted plot device later on. I absolutely hate it."

    Screenshots from "Jane the Virgin"

    3. "The lack of closure on Killing Eve. All I needed was, like, 10 more minutes that showed what the remaining characters were doing six months or maybe a year after the events of the finale. Just SOMETHING other than just a fade to black."

    Screenshots from "Killing Eve"

    4. "I created an account just to say this. (Game of Thrones spoiler, if anyone cares.) The death of Princess Shireen and the way it happened effing gutted me. It was so unnecessary. It wasn't in the books even, if I remember correctly! Her poor, sweet character was treated like a monster by her disgusting parents, and Ser Davos loved her like his own daughter, and he could've given her a better life! When they burned her at the stake and nothing stopped them, I had to stop watching for a while. I don't think I've ever had such a visceral reaction to a fictional scene before."

    "There's no other way. She has king's blood."

    5. "For me, it was Glenn’s death on The Walking Dead. Not that it happened at all, but the drawn-out torture porn method to the episode that nearly made me physically sick. It’s clear that they took a lot of flack after that episode and adjusted their style back to what people loved about it, which is good 'cause I quit watching it for a while after that episode."

    Glenn in "The Walking Dead"

    6. "Spoiler alert for The Magicians: Q’s death. They kinda lost their way for Season Five."

    Screenshots from "The Magicians"

    7. "I'm surprised no one mentioned the romantic relationship between Joey and Rachel in Friends. It just seemed so out of character and unnecessary for them both, not to mention the characters didn't have any chemistry between them. They were just so much better as friends."

    Joey and Rachel about to kiss

    8. "Scandal and the whole kidnapping plot."

    Screenshot from "Scandal"

    9. "Stranger Things...I love it, but it sometimes feels like they introduce new characters just to kill them off for stakes because they don't have the guts to kill off any of the OG characters. Eddie felt like a last-minute replacement for Steve (suddenly, another older BFF for Dustin?) because some of the events and dialogue this series seemed to point at a heroic death for Steve, but the writers chickened out and gave that honor to Eddie instead."

    Screenshots from "Stranger Things"

    10. "One they didn’t add here was when the writers of Downton Abbey killed off Matthew Crawley so soon after things had just gotten better in his life. I know it’s a matter of creative difference, but the storyline could’ve been altered so little and would’ve had more chances to use him as a strong character in the following seasons."

    Matthew Crawley's death

    11. "Killing off Susan on Seinfeld was mean-spirited and unnecessary. The show really started going downhill from there, and you'd have to pay me to watch some of those episodes from the last few seasons."

    "We found traces of a certain toxic adhesive, commonly found in very low-priced envelopes."

    12. "Not many BuzzFeed people might know this one, but for me, it was incredibly annoying and about the writers playing god. So, Shetland is a Scottish TV series about police on the Shetland Islands. Major spoiler ahead if you haven't seen it or have just started watching it. Each series focuses on a single story, so you become very invested in the characters. In one of the later series, the whole storyline is about a guy who was jailed for murdering a young woman on the island being released and coming back. In the very last episode, it's revealed that he is not the murderer. And then, they kill him. He has a heart attack in the police station. It doesn't further the plot at all. It's a totally pointless and unfair death. They could have just let the viewers have the knowledge that after all he'd been through, he could have something resembling a life. But instead, they killed him. So very aggravating!"


    13. "Callie and Brandon’s 'relationship' on The Fosters. It’s so cringe that I can’t bring myself to rewatch the show. They were both otherwise very intelligent, likable characters. I hated watching them, especially Callie, risk so much stability and safety just for a hookup."

    Callie and Brandon

    14. "The Sherlock series finale that had nothing to do with anything else in the series. Sherlock was an interesting character until he became a traumatized little boy with amnesia."

    Screenshot from "Sherlock"

    15. "Killing off Jac Naylor in the last episode of Holby City."

    Jac Naylor

    16. "Spoilers for Veronica Mars: Logan dying right at the end of the last season just to cause shock and drama when it wasn't needed. Gigantic kick in the teeth to the fans who revived the series!"

    Screenshots from "Veronica Mars"

    17. And finally: "The entire last season of Boardwalk Empire. I don't even know why I kept watching those episodes. It just got worse and worse, and they may as well have not even bothered filming them. What a way to be a huge letdown for a great series."

    "I will not rest until I see you in your graves."