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    "Guess We Woke Up Vecna": 15 "Stranger Things" Bloopers That Would Brighten Even A Demogorgon's Day

    "Wait, you guys didn't shave my head, did you?"

    Now that we are in the midst of the long winter of our discontent — which in this case means the wait between seasons of Stranger Things — it's the ideal time to take a look back at some of the cast's on-set antics, as revealed in a series of blooper reels. Here are 15 times the cast danced, broke props, repeatedly said the word "boobies," made each other laugh, and made the crew concerned for their safety while filming.

    Maya Hawke raising her eyebrows

    1. When Millie Bobby Brown was so in character that the presence of a camera threw her off.

    Millie Bobby Brown laughing after noticing there's a camera on her

    2. When one of the Department of Energy vans went off course during a stunt and hit this poor, innocent car.

    a van crashing into a parked car

    3. When Caleb McLaughlin opened a door with maybe a little too much enthusiasm, and got briefly caught in between a scene and reality as a result.

    The crew asking Caleb if he hurt himself and him saying no and making the crew laugh

    4. When Gaten Matarazzo slammed a prop phone with such force that it fell off the wall before sheepishly greeting the camera with it.

    Matarazzo saying, "Hey guys!" and holding the phone

    5. When Noah Schnapp as Will as a wizard made a surprising prophecy.

    Will saying the day will be one full of girls, making other people on set laugh and cheer

    6. When Caleb McLaughlin broke while Finn Wolfhard tried to deliver a complicated line, and Finn was sympathetic to his struggles.

    Finn saying to Caleb, "I know, it's hard"

    7. When David Harbour found something undeniably hilarious about his very serious delivery of the word "grandma."

    David Harbour laughing after saying, "It's your grandma"

    And when his scene partners, Finn Wolfhard and Mille Bobby Brown, started laughing, too.

    Finn and Millie laughing and asking what's wrong with David

    8. When Joe Keery said this and tempted the Netflix gods...

    Joe saying, "I can't wait for the mashup where they get us saying 'boobies' 100 times"

    ...which was naturally followed up by this montage of them saying "boobies," if not quite 100 times, enough times to make an impression.

    Joe and Robin saying "boobies" over and over

    9. When Gaten Matarazzo slipped on set and reassured witnesses that it was all just part of the process (of living life).

    The crew asking Gaten if he's okay and him saying he's living life

    10. And when he kept breaking into giggles during a scene, which led him to make this creative recommendation straight to camera.

    Gaten on the third take saying, "Recast me"

    11. When Joseph Quinn tripped on a Vecna vine and delivered a deadpan assessment of their dire situation.

    Joseph saying, "Guess we woke up Vecna"

    12. We now interrupt your previously scheduled programming to bring you this image of a rare smiling Vecna.

    Vecna smiling

    13. When the whole gulag plot line caught up to David Harbour.

    David Harbour asking if they shaved his head, touching his head, and blurting out an expletive

    14. When Charlie Heaton kept breaking during Eduardo Franco's line delivery.

    Charlie Heaton laughing as Eduardo says his line and then says WTF

    15. And finally, here's one more laughing Vecna for the road.

    Vecna laughing