TV Fans Are Sharing The Storylines And Scenes That Led To Them Giving Up On A Show They Loved

    "Any show that introduces clones (that's not about cloning per se) is out of ideas."

    Earlier this month, we shared the moments and storylines that led people to abandon the TV series they previously enjoyed. The commenters weighed in, as is their wont, so it's time to share yet another round of twists, character deaths, and cheese (?) that led to folks giving up on a series for good.

    Responses may have been edited for length and/or clarity. Also, there may be spoilers ahead, so proceed with caution.  

    1. "Supernatural. I had been a devoted fan for the first five seasons; they told the story they had been planning from the start, and gave it a perfect ending. Then they undid it all with the first episode of Season 6. I was done. I noped out of there with zero regrets and never watched it again."

    2. "I’m sorry, but once Claire went back to her own time in Outlander, it just got bad."

    3. "I had suspended my disbelief pretty much into the stratosphere with Cobra Kai, but the fight in the chemistry lab was too much for me. Like all that property damage, and no legal action? Just a slap on the wrist? Yeah, okay."

    4. "The one I really remember being salty about was Reign. When they are executed Lola at the end of Season 3, that was pretty much them killing the only thing that was still interesting for me about the show. It had lost several good things by then, and that was the last one to go for me. Never even looked at summaries of Season 4 after watching the entire show until then."

    5. "I quit watching The Walking Dead when Carl died, despite being one of my least favorite characters. Too much of a jump the shark after that."

    6. "Blacklist. When they killed off Tom and had Elizabeth in a coma, I was done. It was such a good show at the beginning, but after a while it kept getting more and more absurd and convoluted. That was the last straw for me, though, and I don’t miss it at all!"

    7. "Scrubs. Season 9. If you know, you know."

    8. "Probably a common one, but the 'Not Penny's Boat' moment and the moving of the Island. Not watched a minute of Lost since."

    9. "Whatever season of Orange Is the New Black was the prison riot one. There was one episode in particular where a twisted guard made an inmate eat either flies or a baby mouse. I was like 'Why the f*** am I even watching this messed up s***?' I was done after that scene. Still don’t know how the series ends."

    10. "I didn’t technically give it up, but I never rewatch Gilmore Girls post-April being introduced. It really just fell off."

    11. "The ending of How I Met Your Mother ruined the whole show for me. I was fully invested in Robin and Barney and they killed that, and for what?"

    12. "Honestly, I'm giving up on You right now. It's a show about a stalker and it's turned into a (as said on the show) 'whodunnit.'"

    13. "Gave up on Gotham and Alias with the clone storylines. Any show that introduces clones (that's not about cloning per se) is out of ideas. Shame, cause Gotham was pretty good."

    14. "This is likely going to be unpopular, but: The Red Wedding. Completely killed my enthusiasm for Game of Thrones, and I never watched it again. It just became clear that the show would be constantly elevating characters to protagonist/well-loved status and then killing them off. Like yes, the Sean Bean death in Season 1 was a great subversion, but if you just keep playing the same trick over and over to shock your viewers, then count me out I guess."

    15. And finally: "Star Trek: Voyager, Season 1, Episode 4. The line 'Get this cheese to sickbay' got me out of the recliner to cross the room and turn off the TV. I never watched another episode of that show."