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    13 "Great British Bake Off" Moments From This Week That Were So Heartwarming, Plus 11 Anxiety-Inducing Ones

    The highs are high and the lows have a pudding-like texture.

    Folks, it's back.

    the title card for The Great British Baking Show which features a cake topped with raspberries

    The Great British Bake Off — perhaps better known in the US by its Yankee alias, The Great British Baking Show* — has graced us with yet another glorious season of breads, cakes, and the triumph of the human spirit.

    Bake Off has a reputation for being a warm, comforting show, and rightfully so, but anyone who's clutched a pillow to their chest and watched Britain's best amateur bakers make logic-defying masterpieces under the watchful gaze of a blue-eyed madman while soaring orchestral music plays in the background knows that it can be just a lil' bit nerve-racking too.

    Paul Hollywood glares at a contestant while she explains her bake to a smiling Prue

    It's this tension between complete peace — "everyone loves each other! that mousse will definitely set!" — and utter chaos — "if that mousse doesn't set, it will break me in a way that a year and a half in a pandemic hasn't managed to yet" — that makes GBBO such a perfect show. These elements go together like jam and scones, or Noel Fielding and opportunities to dress up in the opening sketch.

    Noel Fielding dressed as Marie Antoinette as he sits against a tree with another person

    That's why I've decided to break down each episode of this season into its most gloriously delightful moments...

    Nadiya Hussain giving her speech about never giving up after winning Bake Off

    ...and its most severely anxiety-inducing ones.

    KSI admits flipping the pie might've been a bad idea, and then falls to his knees and covers his face

    Our journey begins with Cake Week. With that, may I present 13 absolutely adorable moments from this week's Great British Bake Off, plus 11 nail-bitingly stressful ones.

    Warning: Spoilers (and potential emotional turmoil) ahead. 

    1. DELIGHTFUL: The opening sketch, featuring judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, along with hosts Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas, singing a country song about baking.

    The band, with lyrics: You can have your fun, make brownies by the ton, and then when you are done

    I mean, this is just good old-fashioned fun.

    The four dancing in a field in costume together

    Signature Challenge: Mini Rolls

    A sketch for Crystelle's chai mini rolls which features cardamom, tea leaves, cinnamon, cloves, and gold leaf

    2. DELIGHTFUL: Jürgen's whole deal.

    Jurgen likes to play trombone to the waterfront with his family, along with his pet rabbit, Humphrey

    3. STRESSFUL: When Matt Lucas serenaded the exceptionally patient Jürgen with the German-language version of The Flintstones theme song.

    Matt Lucas signing the flintstones theme in German while other contestants look confused

    4. DELIGHTFUL: When we learned that Tom and his family run the quaintest possible business.

    Tom in his family's model railway business

    5. STRESSFUL: When the bakers rolled their cakes and fillings, and therefore put their fate in the cruel hands of the sponge gods.

    Someone rolling their sponge

    6. DELIGHTFUL: The immediate rapport between Prue and her contestant doppelgänger, Maggie.

    Maggie and Prue laughing together

    7. STRESSFUL: When George mistimed his bake and rolled a warm sponge, resulting in a finished product that Prue described as "pudding."

    George's melting chocolate and hazelnut rolls

    8. STRESSFUL: When the same sad fate befell Lizzie's caramel mini rolls.

    Lots of caramel leaking out of Lizzie's caramel mini rolls

    9. DELIGHTFUL: When all was not lost, because Giuseppe's orange and almond mini rolls arrived to heal us.

    Paul tells Giuseppe that is orange almond rolls are perfect

    Technical Challenge: Malt Loaf, With Homemade Butter

    A malt loaf, with dried orange on top

    10. STRESSFUL: When no one knew how long a malt loaf was meant to bake for (or even, in some cases, what the hell a malt loaf was), so Chigs' one was tragically raw in spots.

    Paul pushing a knife into the raw parts of the bake

    11. STRESSFUL: When Amanda's malt loaf was chock-full of unmixed flour chunks. She later said that she planned on going home and throwing all her flour away, which you very rarely hear from a baker.

    The unmixed flour bits inside the loaf

    12. DELIGHTFUL: When resident Prue impersonator Maggie won the technical challenge and had this adorable reaction:

    Maggie starts crying when she talks about how surprised she is to win a challenge

    Showstopper Challenge: Anti-Gravity Illusion Cake, Themed After A Precious Memory

    A sketch of Jurgen's Night time reading cake, with a lamp cake and a cake shaped to look like a book

    13. STRESSFUL: When Tom realized that his illusion cake may not be quite what the judges were looking for.

    Prue tells Tom the challenge is about shocking the judges with how the cake stands up, he says he'll see what I can do, and Noel comments that it's a bit late in the day

    14. STRESSFUL: Any time a cake is moved to a second location.

    Someone setting a cake on a stand

    15. DELIGHTFUL: Rochica's reaction when she successfully suspended her apple cake.

    Smiling when the apple cake doesn't collapse

    16. STRESSFUL: When Chigs' mug cake cracked and fell apart.

    The mug falls apart and hits the ground

    17. STRESSFUL: When Amanda's cake keeled over right after it was judged.

    The wave cake falling over

    18. DELIGHTFUL: The majesty of Freya's frosting flowers.

    Extremely detailed frosting flowers

    19. DELIGHTFUL: Crystelle's absolutely spectacular bouq-cake.

    A cake that looks exactly like flowers

    Just take a second to marvel at it.

    Crystelle carrying the cake away from the judges

    20. DELIGHTFUL: When Giuseppe presented his "Jack and the Beanstalk" cake extravaganza.

    a cake composed of a cloud with a castle on top, all on top of a fondant beanstalk

    21. STRESSFUL: When Jairzeno's sponge fell apart as he tried to roll it, and he was forced to abandon his plan and present something entirely different.

    Final Results

    The judges and hosts enjoying a cup of tea together

    22. DELIGHTFUL: When the bakers were already holding each other's hands, even though it's only the first episode.

    Three bakers hold each other's hands

    23. DELIGHTFUL: When Jürgen did this little queenly wave after he was announced as this season's very first Star Baker!

    Jurgen waves to his fans

    24. DELIGHTFUL, IF A TOUCH BITTERSWEET: When Tom had this good-hearted reaction to being the first baker sent home.

    Tom says "Absolutely! Fair Enough." to news he's been eliminated

    This concludes our first emotional roller coaster of a recap! What were your favorite moments from Cake Week? Tell us about them in the comments!

    Noel in a mullet wig singing "and then whip up a roux"