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    "You Can't Spell America Without Erica": 25 Of The Funniest "Stranger Things" Lines And Moments

    While trapped in a dimension full of monsters, Robin has one question and one question only: Have they been tested for rabies?

    1. When, through the power of the Farrah Fawcett hairspray, Dustin briefly became one with Steve "The Hair" Harrington.

    Dustin using the Farrah Fawcett hairspray

    2. When Steve tried to distract from the fact that he and Nancy totally know what happened to Barb by briefly becoming a spokesperson for KFC.

    Steve saying, "It's finger lickin' good."

    3. When Alexei and Murray bonded over their mutual disbelief in Joyce and Hopper's refusal to acknowledge (or resolve) their sexual tension...

    Alexei saying, "They have not had sex?" well as Hopper's reaction to their laughter at his and Joyce's expense.

    Alexei and Murray laughing as Hopper drives

    4. And, a season earlier, when Murray pointed out Nancy and Jonathan's chemistry, then had only one question to ask Jonathan the next morning.

    Murray asking Jonathan how the sofa was.

    5. When Erica went from 0 to 100 to 1,000 with her older brother, and didn't even drop her ice cream cone in the process.

    Erica saying, "Isn't it time you die?"

    6. When Suzie very nearly caused the deaths of all the main characters by insisting on a duet of "Never Ending Story" before she gave Dustin some essential info.

    Suzie and Dustin singing "Never Ending Story"

    Everyone's reaction to this is gold, but special shoutout to Will's "dear god, these were the freaks responsible for saving my life for two whole seasons" expression.

    Will and Lucas look at Dustin as he sings

    7. When Steve and Robin enjoyed a viewing of Back to the Future while high out of their minds on some good old-fashioned Soviet truth serum.

    Robin saying, "So like, I wasn't totally focused in there or anything, but I'm pretty sure that Mom was trying to bang her son."

    8. When Dustin gave El's response to his and Mike's bullies five stars on Yelp.

    Dustin telling their bullies, "Yeah, that's right, you better run! She's our friend and she's CRAZY!"

    9. When Steve taught his young charges the importance of focus and hard work.

    Steve saying, "How come the only one helping me out is this random girl?"

    10. When El dumped Mike's ass while the song "Cold as Ice" played in the background.

    Eleven telling Mike, "I dump your ass."

    11. When Robin, my fellow hypochondriac, went on a (medically accurate) spiral about rabies and brought all her friends along for the ride.

    Robin saying, "It's just that rabies are, like, my #1 greatest fear, and I think we should probably get you to a doctor like really soon because once the symptoms set in, it's too late, you're already dead."

    12. When Robin and Nancy had to make a run for their car and Robin just wanted her partner-in-crime to know exactly what she was getting into.

    Nancy telling Robin, "You really are a weird runner!"

    13. When Robin needed some clarification on the makeup of Steve's social circle.

    Robin asking Steve, "How many children are you friends with?"

    14. When Erica caught Dustin off guard with some patriotic wordplay.

    Erica saying, "You can't spell 'America' without Erica."

    15. When Hopper decided not to question El's description of her newfound sense of style.

    Eleven telling Hopper her style is "bitchin'"

    16. When Steve went too far and reeled it back in the nick of time.

    Steve telling Dustin, "Not cool. Sorry."

    And, just to reassure each other that there were no hard feelings, the duo shared a quick fist bump of friendship.

    Dustin and Steve fist bump

    17. When Dustin said what needed to be said about Mr. Wheeler.

    Dustin telling Mr. Wheeler, "Son of a bitch, you're really no help at all, you know that?"

    18. When Joyce crushed a Soviet porcelain spy doll in front of her house, much to the concern of her new neighbors, who clearly don't know yet that if Joyce Byers thinks there's a problem, there is without a doubt a problem.

    Joyce saying, "Oh, hi!" to the neighbors.

    19. Pretty much every second of Murray's impression of Yuri, aka the Peanut Butter Smuggler, aka a man who shouldn't have crossed one of Hawkins' premiere karate experts.

    A Russian telling Murray, "And you...have many screws loose!"

    20. When Dustin's friends tried to surprise him after he returned from summer camp and he...did not take it well.

    Dustin screaming and spraying Lucas with hairspray.

    21. When Dustin was proud of Steve, and Erica clearly was not.

    Dustin telling Steve, "Dude! You did it! You won a fight!"

    22. When Steve woke up after getting beaten up by Billy and realized that he had been kidnapped by some middle school students with zero licenses and even fewer fucks to give.

    Steve saying, "Oh my god...oh, oh my god! No! no, woah woah woah!"

    23. And, two seasons later, when Steve let us all know that he's never quite recovered from it.

    Steve telling Max, "No, no, never again, please, anybody but you, no!"

    24. When Steve and Eddie connected over the fact that their honorary little brother Dustin needs to take it down a couple of notches.

    Eddie saying, "It's his tone, right?"

    25. And finally: When Max needed a closer look at a shirtless Steve, and Dustin and Lucas weren't sure how to react.

    Max saying, "Let me see."

    Which moments did I miss? Tell me about them in the comments!