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Ah, College Roommates And Their Bizarre Quirks — Let's Find Out If These Scenarios Would Be Enough To Have You Running To Your RA

We've all lived with an expert snack thief at one point or another.

It's that special time of year when college freshmen-to-be are finalizing their class schedules, saying goodbye to their hometowns, and going on panicked last minute trips to Target because their friends acted like they were a lost cause when they confessed they didn't own a hamper yet. Plenty of those students are in this very moment obsessing about their roommates: Will they become best friends, or two people at the center of an enduring blood feud?

To give those students a bit of practice with conflict resolution and boundary formation — and the rest of us a walk down memory lane — I've come up with some hypothetical roommate conflicts to see whether you, the BuzzFeed audience, would see them as problems worth working through or total deal breakers.

For all of these, assume that you and your fake roommate are otherwise on good terms. Almost everyone wants to get along with the people they're sharing close quarters with, and almost everyone is just a little bit weird about certain things. The question is would those annoying habits keep you from circling back for sophomore year?