What's The Most Embarrassing Or Awkward Experience You've Had On A First Day Of Work?

    Let's take an uncomfortable walk down memory lane.

    Work has changed a lot in the past few years (and still has plenty of changing left to do), but one thing that's remained consistent is the fact that starting a new job is an experience with nearly endless opportunities to forget names*, get locked out of the office**, and just generally become mired in a swamp of awkwardness.

    So we want to hear from you: What's the most embarrassing or awkward story from your first day on the job?

    Maybe you showed up in a full suit, only to discover that everyone else in the office was wearing T-shirts and jeans.

    a man in a suit running

    Perhaps you broke a piece of equipment the very first time you used it, and had to spent 20 panicked minutes trying to repair it again before finally admitting defeat and telling your new boss what had happened.***

    If you worked as a server, maybe you dropped a full platter of drinks and food. If you worked at a movie theater, maybe you burned yourself on the popcorn machine****. If you were a camp counselor, maybe you held a singalong in a patch of poison ivy. Whatever it is, we want to hear about it.

    a popcorn machine

    Tell us about your embarrassing first day on the job in the comments (or this anonymous Google Form, if you'd blush too hard otherwise) for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.