17 Seemingly Minor TV And Movie Details That Nevertheless Always Distract Audiences

    Not to ruin the magic, but yeah, movie snow should look, like, 10 times grosser than it does.

    A little while back, we shared Reddit's take on the distracting TV and movie details that ruin the illusion for them. The BuzzFeed commenters weighed in with their own takes on the subject, so here are 17 minor details that can have a major impact on their viewing experience.

    Responses may have been edited for length and/or clarity. 

    1. "Women characters who wake up with perfect hair and makeup after a good night’s sleep."

    "Also, female superheroes with perfect curls and hair worn down even though they are running around and fighting. I want to see sweaty faces and frizzy hair."


    A woman stretching in bed

    2. "Sleepy Hollow was filmed in South Carolina (I think) but was supposed to be New York. The trees gave it away. They were covered in Spanish moss. Spanish moss doesn't grow in New York state."

    "I also hate when people try to film someplace like Gary, Indiana, and you see mountains in the background. Gary is flat. Very flat. A quick Google search would better serve the location scouts when they suggest locations."


    3. "When siblings refer to each other as 'Sis' or 'Bro' or by name in a conversation they're having with each other. My sister and I only call each other by our names if...ever? I don't think we've called each other by our given names in 30+ years."


    Screenshot from "Avatar: The Way of Water"

    4. "What bugs me the most is seeing adult women prior to the 1920s with their hair down in public. If a woman had actually done that, she would have been seen as having loose virtue or insane."


    5. "Bad accents. Over-the-top, drawn out, dug in, especially when a movie is supposed to be set in current times. The Southern accents in Hollywood are usually hilariously bad."


    6. "Seattleite here. About once a year, we get crazy rain that does look like movie rain. But in movies, it’s like that all the time. Never a drizzle or a sprinkle or a mist."

    "And I hate when movies and shows have characters stand out in the rain to have a serious conversation, like that will add intensity. Nobody does that."


    A man and woman standing in the rain holding each other

    7. "In the last 20 years or so, every actor has absolutely perfect teeth."


    8. "One that bugs me is when people start a topic of conversation in one scene and carry it on in another. What happened in between?"


    9. "Obvious fake snow. Fluffy, perfect, pure white piles and no slush, never dirty on or near the roads, no crunching when walking on it. It distracts me every time!"


    A woman and man walking in the snow

    10. "I always notice when people don't say goodbye at the end of phone calls. Or, if they're making plans, they don't specify a time or place before hanging up."


    11. "When a car comes to a stop, there is ALWAYS a screeching break noise and/or a 'cars screeching off pavement' noise, even when they’re in a field."


    Screenshot of a car chase

    12. "When the actor who plays the younger version of a character doesn’t look like the actor who plays the older version of that same character."


    13. "When a group of guys is fighting the main character and they're all waiting patiently to attack until the other is finished."


    14. "Just generally when people wake up from unconsciousness and jump up as soon as they come around. Like, if you've been hit hard enough in the head to lose consciousness, ain't no way you're making any quick movements anytime soon."


    15. "It's shocking how often people in period films are practically running around in their underwear (i.e., shirtsleeves or bare arms or the equivalent)."


    16. "Person comes in from the snow with flakes on their hair and coat. They stand in front of a roaring fire, and the snowflakes stay put."


    17. And finally, a simply excellent pitch for the next hit zombie movie: "In zombie movies, why doesn't anyone live in a tree house? You have the height advantage, and zombies can't climb. I want to see a zombie movie where the colony lives in tree houses, Swiss Family Robinson style."