14 Exceptionally Dark Wikipedia Pages, Plus 14 Delightful Ones You Can Use As A Palate Cleanser

    Featuring a maybe mythic mini moon museum.

    Here's how it works: Every odd-numbered Wikipedia page is disturbing, creepy, and otherwise icky, and each even-numbered one is, to use the technical term, a goddamn delight. Choose a category, skip around, or read them all: The exact nature of your journey into the Wikipedia rabbit hole is totally up to you.

    1. Donner Party

    The memorial to the Donner Party at what is now called Donner Lake

    2. The Miracle of 1511

    3. Euthanasia Coaster

    The rollercoaster, with one large drop and seven loops

    4. Buttered cat paradox

    A cat looks at a piece of buttered toast

    5. Timeline of the far future

    6. Potoooooooo

    the horse in question

    7. Demon core

    A recreation of one of the demon cores

    8. Australia's big things

    The Big Banana

    9. List of inventors killed by their own inventions

    Franz Reichelt wearing his fatal invention

    10. List of films considered the worst

    Sokka and Katara in the live action adaptation of Avatar the Last Airbender

    11. Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571

    Canessa and Parrado after their rescue

    12. Cosmic latte

    a cappuccino at the center of the universe

    13. Capitol Hill's mystery soda machine

    The creepy vending machine

    14. Stephen Colbert at the 2006 White House Correspondents' Dinner

    Stephen Colbert performs while Bush watches

    15. Collyer brothers

    The interior of the brownstone

    16. List of common misconceptions

    17. List of entertainers who died during a performance

    A portrait of Leonard Warren

    18. Democracy sausage

    A person prepares a sausage while wearing a #AusVotes apron

    19. Dyatlov Pass incident

    A document with photos from the original investigation into the accident

    20. List of Ig Nobel Prize winners

    21. Ignaz Semmelweis

    Semmelweis washing his hands before a procedure

    22. Waffle House Index

    A Waffle House, standing proud

    23. György Dózsa

    the iron throne with caption (like this, but somehow deadlier)

    24. Moon Museum

    One of the copies of the moon museum

    25. 52-hertz whale

    A whale leaping out of the sea

    26. Ravens of the Tower of London

    A Tower of London guard holds a Raven

    27. And finally: Mount Erebus disaster

    Mount Erebus

    28. And finally, again: Tree That Owns Itself