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    "Damn It If I Don’t Love How Cheesy It Is": 19 Movies People Love Despite Their Flaws

    "The Twilight Saga is my guilty pleasure. ... I know they are terrible, but you gotta admit they have great meme-able quotes!"

    Whether you prefer the term "guilty pleasure" or "under-appreciated masterpiece," we all have those certain movies or TV shows that we love, despite critical and popular consensus maligning them as unlovable. So, there were lots and lots of responses when a redditor posed the question to AskReddit, "What movie do you enjoy that you will 100% agree is a bad movie?" Here are 19 movies that to these audience members, lie at the perfect intersection of the good, the bad, and the Batman & Robin.

    Responses may have been edited for length and/or clarity. 

    1. "Accepted. It's terrible and hilarious, has Justin Long at the peak of his teen movie years, and features Lewis Black as a version of himself as a jaded professor. So good."

    Screenshot from "Accepted"

    2. "Warm Bodies. It was objectively an interesting plot, but the execution and acting leave something to be desired. But damn it if I don’t love how cheesy it is, and it being from the zombie's perspective."

    Screenshot from "Warm Bodies"

    3. "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It's so much fun, and I love the Nautilus."

    Screenshot from "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen"

    4. "The Twilight Saga is my guilty pleasure. ... I know they are terrible, but you gotta admit they have great meme-able quotes!"

    Screenshot from "Twilight"

    5. "Batman & Robin is certainly a bad movie. I love it so much. It’s worth watching for Arnold and his puns alone. But the whole movie is just campy fun."

    Screenshot from "Batman & Robin"

    6. "I saw Cats in theaters three times, and three times since because it is the single most entertaining piece of content I’ve ever experienced in my life, but not at all in the way that was intended."

    Screenshot from "Cats"

    7. "Moonfall. A sci-fi comedy. I always burst out laughing when the third act exposition dump talks about a whole other movie that sounds better then what we’re watching."

    Screenshot from "Moonfall"

    8. "Tommy Boy had terrible reviews when it came out. Still one of my favorites."

    Screenshot from "Tommy Boy"

    9. "The Core. I’m paraphrasing here, but there’s a portion in the movie where everyone says it can’t be done, but one guy takes a drag on a cig and says, 'But what if…we could.' The entire movie progresses on that point."

    Screenshot from "The Core"

    10. "Vampires Suck is a terrible movie, but it's actually pretty funny."

    Screenshot from "Vampires Suck"

    11. "Battleship. It's a generic action disaster movie, but when 'Thunderstruck' starts playing, I always get pumped."

    Screenshot from "Battleship"

    12. "The Age of Adaline is one of my favorite movies. I know the storyline is ridiculous, but I just love the movie. I'm a sucker for time jump/travel/immortality."

    Screenshot from "The Age of Adaline"

    13. "Blades of Glory is so...good."

    Screenshot from "Blades of Glory"

    14. "Spider-Man 3. It was worst out of the trilogy, but I still loved it. The Tobey dance scene has become legendary meme material, as well."

    Screenshot from "Spider-Man 3"

    15. "Jupiter Ascending. It's stupid as fuck, it's got an awful plot, and the characters are all ridiculous. It's an objectively bad movie, and I LOVE it."

    Screenshot from "Jupiter Ascending"

    16. "Repo! The Genetic Opera. Overall, it's simply a bad movie. Bad script. Pretty bad directing. The acting isn't the greatest. But I just fucking love that movie. You should see it at least once for the sheer absurdity of it."

    Screenshot from "Repo! The Genetic Opera"

    17. "Van Helsing. The one with Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale (who's also in the Underworld movies). I watched it over and over again as a kid, and now, I like its campy over-the-top-ness as an adult."

    Screenshot from "Van Helsing"

    18. "Flash Gordon was released in 1980, but was re-released this year in 4K. Bad, but in the best way. (And that Queen soundtrack!)"

    Screenshot from "Flash Gordon"

    19. And finally: "Every person I've ever made watch Pride and Prejudice and Zombies with me tells me the whole time and some time after how bad it is. Like, yeah man, that's the point, and I love it. Why does this movie/book exist? For me."

    Screenshot from "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies"

    What movie or TV show do you enjoy, despite knowing, objectively, that critics were right to pan it? Tell us about it in the comments!