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    These 16 Actors Hated Their Costumes And With All The Discomfort They Described, I Can't Blame Them

    Some of these outfits were literally torturous.

    1. During an interview with Stephen Colbert, Kit Harington said that the cape he wore as Jon Snow on Game of Thrones "weigh[ed] a ton" and "smell[ed] awful." He speculated (jokingly) that they added weight to the piece every year, because "Michele [Clapton], the costume designer, hates actors."

    Jon Snow's large furry cape

    2. Going Grinch was grueling for Jim Carrey. He described the process of getting into the yak hair suit, which could take up to eight and a half hours, as "being buried alive."

    3. While filming the first Iron Man movie, the filmmakers were hoping to achieve superheroic heights with practical effects, but the suit proved too difficult for Robert Downey Jr. to work in.

    Iron man with his mask off

    4. It takes Paul Bettany 3.5 hours to be Vision-ified, but after 10 hours of shooting, he's so frustrated with the costume that he only spends 30 seconds tearing it off.

    Vision in his first appearance

    5. While speaking on a panel in 2017, Matthew Lewis revealed two aspects of shooting the Harry Potter series that he struggled with: filming the Great Hall scenes, which often featured food that "did not particularly smell well," and having to wear a fat suit to play Neville, especially once he became a teenager.

    Neville hanging from the chandelier in the second Potter movie

    6. In 2008, Tom Felton said that the worst part of being Draco Malfoy was having to maintain the character's signature platinum blonde hair.

    Draco's blonde hair

    7. In a 2014 interview with Jimmy Fallon, Jennifer Lawrence divulged that transforming into the X-Men's Mystique was an exhausting process that could last up to eight hours.

    J. Law as Mystique in the first movie

    8. Andrew Garfield said during an interview on Ellen that wearing his Amazing Spider-Man costume fell short of amazing: It "irritated" him and often looked "unflattering."

    Spiderman unmasked in his costume

    9. Jennifer Aniston has repeatedly said that she hated "The Rachel" she sported on Friends, despite the fact that it may be the most influential TV hairdo of all time.

    Phoebe and Rachel having a conversation on the sidewalk

    10. Speaking to Marie Claire, Miley Cyrus revealed that the unreasonable beauty and fashion standards of playing a pop star on Disney's Hannah Montana had negative effects on her self-image.

    Hannah Montana in her first appearance

    11. Sean Astin didn't love having to gain weight to play the hobbit Samwise Gamgee in The Lord of the Rings franchise, and two elements of his costume in particular gave him grief: Samwise's huge traveling backpack and the iconic hairy hobbit feet.

    Sam carrying his pack

    12. Benedict Cumberbatch felt uncomfortable in the "well-cut, good-looking suits" he wore as BBC's Sherlock, since the waists were often so small that he found it difficult to breathe or even digest.

    Sherlock in one of his tight suits

    13. Anthony Daniels brought C-3PO to life in the Star Wars films, but life as a robot isn't as much fun as it seems, and honestly, it doesn't even seem like that much fun.

    C-3PO talks to R2D2 in the first star wars movie

    14. Patrick Stewart's costume on Star Trek: The Next Generation was so painful for him to wear that his chiropractor said that they should "slap a lawsuit on Paramount for the lasting damage done to your spine."

    Stewart as Picard laughs in his too-tight costume

    15. Oscar Isaac didn't realize before signing on to X-Men: Apocalypse that playing the titular villain meant being "encased in glue, latex, and a 40-pound suit."

    Issac as Apocalypse

    16. And finally, proving once again that sweat is the greatest enemy of all performers, Dan Stevens said that to keep from literally wasting away while playing the Beast in 2017's Beauty and the Beast, he ate four roast dinners a day.

    Dan Stevens in the motion capture suit for Beauty and the Beast

    Do you know about any actors who would've happily burned their costumes after filming wrapped? Tell us about it in the comments!