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When You're Waiting For Grades To Be Posted On Winter Break

*clicks refresh*

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It's winter break. You're back home from college. Freedom feels like drugs.

"No, mom. Freedom drugs aren't actually a thing."

But you can't get in the holiday spirit until grades are in from the fall semester.

You spend an eternity at the computer, refreshing endlessly.

It's time to do your own calculating.

But you suck at math, so you use those online grade calculators.

"You must get 504382533420 more points to pass this course."


All the anxiety is making you shove down mom's snickerdoodles at a dangerous rate.

You do some quick Internet searches for jobs that require absolutely no skills.

You go to check your grades one last time before giving up.

It loads and you're filled with instant regret.

You pass out briefly and it's hazy but...

You passed. Congratulations and Happy Holidays, you savage.

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