Prabhu Ramamoorthy was convicted of sexual abuse for putting his fingers inside a sleeping passenger's pants.

Mary Ann Georgantopoulos • 57 minutes ago

A video shows the woman hitting passengers with an umbrella and keys during Tuesday morning's commute into Manhattan.

Jacob Anderson avoided jail time and having to register as a sex offender by pleading no contest to a lesser charge.

Jasmine Adams said school officials did little to protect her daughter from racial taunts and bullying.

"I have to live with the fact that my rapist will go home smiling and happy and laughing at me," the victim said Monday.

The goats, including Oreo, Olaf, and Big Guy, were taken over the Thanksgiving holiday.

“I’m happy to use the new name, I’m happy to avoid the pronouns that offend. I am not happy to use male pronouns for a female,” the teacher said.

Leslie McCrae Dowless is being scrutinized for alleged absentee ballot voter fraud in the congressional race between Republican Mark Harris and Democrat Dan McCready.

Tasneem Nashrulla • 10 days ago

"Malibu really is so strong and there's a whole army that wants to help."

Brianna Sacks • 29 days ago

The Rhoden family victims were shot in the head, some of them in their beds, in April 2016.

Mary Ann Georgantopoulos • One month ago

Jemel Roberson, 26, had reportedly apprehended a man who opened fire inside the Illinois bar.

Mary Ann Georgantopoulos • One month ago

NBC came under fire Sunday for airing the ad during the Sunday Night Football game between the New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers.

Mary Ann Georgantopoulos • One month ago

"I have peace in the fact that you left this earth so full of happiness and love," a wedding guest posted on Instagram.

Mary Ann Georgantopoulos • One month ago

The victims were a Florida State University faculty member and a student: Dr. Nancy Van Vessem, 61, and Maura Binkley, 21.

Mary Ann Georgantopoulos • One month ago

Jordan McNair, 19, died in June after collapsing on the field during a team practice.

Mary Ann Georgantopoulos • One month ago

An assortment of images plastered on the van included the faces of Democrats, some of whom were targeted with explosive packages, in the crosshairs of a rifle scope.

Mary Ann Georgantopoulos • One month ago

Windy Newton and Nicolette Green drowned after the sheriff's van transporting them to a mental health facility was overtaken by floodwater.

Mary Ann Georgantopoulos • One month ago

"It appears that an individual or individuals sent out multiple similar packages," said an FBI official.

Tasneem Nashrulla • One month ago

His statement likely refers to the 2005 Access Hollywood tape in which Trump was caught on a hot microphone saying he grabs women by the crotch without their consent.

Mary Ann Georgantopoulos • One month ago

A total of five members of the far-right men’s group Proud Boys have been arrested for beating up leftist protesters.

Mary Ann Georgantopoulos • One month ago