The announcement comes after police were heavily criticized over the weekend for their response to the riots in New York City's streets.

Weinstein's lawyer said the case has been "irreparably damaged" and that he will be seeking to dismiss the entire case.

Jared Kushner will be there too.

“The owner of the company had no business putting a failed vehicle on the road,” said New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Murkowski, from Alaska, was considered one of four swing votes who could determine if Brett Kavanaugh ultimately makes it to the Supreme Court. A final vote is expected this weekend.

Investigators did not interview Christine Blasey Ford, who accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault, either.

Trump, who had previously called Ford's testimony "credible," reversed his stance during a rally in Mississippi Tuesday, mocking the gaps in Ford's recollection of the alleged assault.

The president is known to not drink alcohol. Kavanaugh repeatedly testified “I like beer” — but did not say he struggled with alcohol.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you! You're telling me that my assault doesn't matter."

Julie Swetnick signed a sworn affidavit saying Kavanaugh would spike drinks at high school parties to "cause girls to lose inhibitions and their ability to say 'no.'" Kavanaugh called the allegations "ridiculous."

Meanwhile, senators released Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's calendars from the summer of 1982. The judge claims the calendars help him prove that he didn't sexually assault Ford.

On Monday night, the president referred to the allegations of the two women accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct as "false accusations."

The open hearing will begin at 10 a.m. ET on Sept. 27.

The president also continued to cast doubt on two women who have accused Kavanaugh, calling the allegations "totally political."

Deputies tried to rescue the women "for a long period of time," but were unable to open the door as floodwaters rose rapidly, officials said.

The victims were being transported to a mental health facility when the sheriff's department vehicle was overtaken by flood waters in South Carolina.

Celia Barquin Arozamena was the 2018 Big 12 champion and Iowa State Female Athlete of the Year.

Government officials are issuing dire warnings about Hurricane Florence, which is expected to make landfall in the Carolinas on Friday.

Mary Ann Georgantopoulos • One month ago

More than 10 million people are under hurricane and storm watches and warnings as Florence approaches the Carolinas.

Mary Ann Georgantopoulos • One month ago

The incident was captured in a now-viral video. “She is lucky she is not paralyzed or dead," the girl's mother said.