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13 Amazing Facts About Grace Beasley....The Worlds Tiniest Teen!

Exactly 113,880 hours ago today, Grace Beasley made her debut....and the world hasn't been quite the same ever since!

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3. The first couple of years you were....ummmm....sorta lazy.

This sloth is more active than you were TBH. Talking? Nope. You let your brother do that. Walking? Nope. You scooted. But WOW have you made up for lost time.

7. You have always loved makeup, and Honey Boo Boo.

But since it is your birthday, let's not talk about how much property destruction this obsession of yours has cost us so far. Oh hi look SO MUCH BETTER WITH NAIL POLISH. Not.

13. Happy Birthday Squirrel!!!!!

You keep doing you squirrely girl, because you are the most special, determined, funny, loyal little thing.....You are our Amazing Grace! So much love, Mama, Daddy and Cole. xo