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    Faux Brick Wall Panel Decor Ideas

    Brick walls can add a warmth and rustic charm to a room or environment. As a result of the fact that bricks are available in a variety of materials and colors, they can be made to work in just about any space.

    Although the majority of homes and offices are built without the use of bricks, there are a variety of faux brick wall options, many of which do not require a professional to install.

    In some ways, having faux brick walls is a better alternative to the genuine thing. Many of the materials that faux bricks are made of are more durable than actual bricks, and faux brick alternatives can be waterproof, fade proof and fireproof if they are treated.

    If you're interested in adding some interest to a room with a brick accent wall, here are some ways that you can achieve this look.


    One of the easiest ways to create a faux brick wall is to use a wallpaper that is a mural of a brick wall. This allows you to install what appears to be a brick wall in whatever part of your home or your office you would like. This solution even works in apartments and rental homes if you use a temporary wallpaper paste.

    Faux Brick Tiles

    For a more durable option that gives you more than just the appearance of texture, you can opt for tiles that are made to look like bricks. Installing tiles is something that is going to be permanent, and while it can be done without using contractors or professionals, it will involve a fair amount of equipment, including a saw to cut tiles to fit as well as a drill to install tiles.

    Faux Brick Panels

    If you're not ready to undertake the effort to install wall tiles, you may want to consider faUx brick wAll. These panels are available at most home improvement stores, and they are available in a variety of colors and styles. Paneling tends to be lightweight, and they can generally be installed using nails or Command Strips, which are super strong adhesives made by 3M for attaching things to walls. You can also paint paneling to match your room's decor by priming the panels and using the wall paint of your choice.

    DIY With Stucco

    A few industrious individuals have figured out how to create the appearance of brick walls using stucco. The process is something you can do on your own and it is rather inexpensive, but it is time-consuming. The idea is to use tape to create the outline of bricks on your wall of choice. From there, apply a layer of stucco. Once the stucco is nearly dry, start carefully removing the tape. If you want to, you can prime the wall and paint it using standard wall paint. The stucco creates a natural gritty texture, and the areas where tape was removed creates the indentations you find in brick walls.

    Brick Veneers

    If you absolutely must have a brick wall made out of actual bricks, you can achieve this goal by using brick veneers. Brick veneers are created by cutting a thin layer of bricks, and they can normally be installed in the same way that regular wall tiles are.

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