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Losing Weight The Lazy Way

For all those (JUST LIKE ME) who have never been able to commit the 2 (much-needed) hours to the gym and are always looking out for easier ways to shed some extra pounds, here are a few undemanding ways to achieve your goal.

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1. Sip On This Special Water All Day Long

There are many easy concoctions apart from the well known 'lemon and honey in warm water' that not only detoxify, but also helps to lose weight. Let me give you a few easy examples you could use-

Add sliced cucumber to pitcher full of water. You can consume this immediately.

Add cucumber, grapefruit, lemon to a pitcher of water, let it sit for at least 15 minutes before consuming.

Add mint leaves, strawberries, sliced lemon to a pitcher a water. This too can be consumed immediately.

Add sliced cucumber, lemon, grated ginger, and mint leaves to a pitcher of water.

2. EAT at regular intervals

Have you noticed you tend to binge eat on chips and all the possible junk only when you've been hungry for long?! Hence, eat at regular intervals. I'm  not saying eat a whole packet of chips every hour or so. What I mean is, eat some salad, or a fruit, or a few (not more than 10) chips every two hours or so, as and when the hunger strikes. Try to stick to healthy and light food as much as possible.

4. Shorten your shopping trips

Do not be lured into to the magical alley of junk and ready to eat and ready to cook foodstuffs. Steer clear of it or at least try to. Make a list of what you need and try incessantly to stick to your list only.

5. Swap dinners with soup

No, I'm not asking you to starve yourself or sleep on an empty stomach. Soup dinners are a good alternative to rotis and rice. This way you won't trick your mind into thinking 'just one spoonful of rice' which is, let's face it, a blatant lie.

There are so many alternatives of soups available that you could be having a different soup each night one whole month (to say the least.)

To give you a few examples:

* Different lentil soups

* Various noodle soups

* Clear soups

In the case of noodle and pasta soups you have to make sure that the noodles and pastas are not made of maida and restrict the quantity of the same in your soup. Do not opt for creamy soups and ready to eat soups.

6. Workout for 10 minutes

Working out is such a pain. But there seems to be no alternative to this painful experience. No amount of green tea and detoxifying water shall help you unless you invest at least 10 minutes of your time in workout. My favourite quick workout is skipping. You could try a collection of workouts like squats, jumping jacks, push-ups, crunches, lunges, donkey-kicks, etc. I'm no expert by any means but 2 sets of some of these exercises along with restricted intake of food will definitely help you to lose weight.

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