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5 Thing To Do When PMSing

PMSing much?! This might help you, may be, probably, just try it.

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1. Sugar, Sugar, Get The Sugar Rush

I know  it's not just the sugar, you'd want it all, all the crisps, all the cake, all the ice cream, all the junk. And if you ask me, have it all, you deserve it all. It sounds cliched but this is the truth. PMS=FOOD CRAVINGS and don't stop yourself from that junk trap (unless absolutely necessary.)

2. Pamper Yourself

Go on a salon date with yourself (just make sure not to set-up a waxing appointment) or buy yourself something you've been wanting for a while now or go on a shopping spree. Treat yourself to make yourself feel special.

3. Skip The Romcom, Opt For A Sitcom Instead

Let's face it rom-com is only going to make it worse. Why not add a little cheery touch to that blue mood by opting for a sitcom or a comedy flick?!

4. Detoxify! Detoxify! Detoxify!

You know what does green tea do other than help you lose weight? It detoxifies your body and instantly uplifts your mood. it is definitely going to help you with your PMS. There are various kinds of green tea available but lavender infused tea, especially, shall help you with the pain and mood.

5. Ride In That Emotional Rollercoaster

Yep! Ride in it! Let it all out! From one fellow 'pms victim' to the other. We at times need the release and I doubt there is anything wrong with the whole release process.

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