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Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

Ward off potential broken banks with these helpful tips.

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Weddings are horrifyingly expensive and which way you go about it.

But there are ways to make the punch a little less painful while still throwing yourself a rockin' wedding.

1. Have realistic expectations

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It may seem obvious, but going into your wedding with a champagne taste on a beer budget will only lead to disappointment.

Before you meet with vendors sit down and firmly outline what you have to spend in each category and what you really want at each one. Do you have to have a certain kind of flower? Be prepared to be upfront with your vendors about what you want and what you have to spend. This will help them, and you, pull off your dream wedding.

Most vendors are willing to work with your budget and will know how to suggest alternatives or ways to work with what you've got. Don't be afraid to ask!

2. Limit your party...and you party goers


Another seemingly obvious one, but probably the most important. It's the biggest day of your life and you're going to want to invite every single person you've ever met.

Weddings usually end up at around $50 a person when it's all said and done, if not more. When you're inviting 200 people, that is a whopper of a bill.

Sit down with your partner and make a list of everyone you can think of and use the following five questions to narrow down who you really need to invite.

1. Are they family?

2. Are they close friends?

3. Have you spoken to them in the last six months or year?

4. When you have good news, do you call this person?

5. Does the person paying for the wedding really want them there?

These can be good determining factors to whether or not they should make the list. Don't feel guilty that you can't invite all your high school friends and co-workers!

This rule also goes for bridesmaids and groomsmen. The more you have, the higher your tab.

3. Throw out tradition

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We're not talking anything crazy here, we're just talking about skipping out on expected traditions that could cost you big bucks.

Cake can range from $2.50 to $4.00 a slice...and that adds up. Opt for a small cake for the groom and bride, and then treat guests to a more affordable dessert like a fun s'mores bar.

4. Pay for what you REALLY want first


At the end of the day, it's YOUR day. The easiest way to manage your budget is to prioritize. If you're dying to have a certain photographer or venue, plan your budget around the one thing you have to have. This will avoid getting down the road and finding out you've over spent and can't afford it. It will also help you pinch pennies in other areas, too.

5. Ignore *some* of the details

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While it can be super tempting to get personalized napkins or spring for satin versus linen napkins, the truth of the matter is...hardly anyone will notice if you use regular napkins.

Skipping out on personalized favors, napkins, and other little details can help you avoid spending a bunch of money on something no one will remember.

6. Save paper...on paper

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For something that most people immediately throw away, Save the Dates and invitations can be a black hole of spending.

If you're looking to spend less, look for alternatives to major invitation websites.

Vistaprint has a great selection of ready made invitations you can customize, or you can upload your own design. The best part is that they are already super cheap but they almost ALWAYS have a sale where you can get anywhere from 30-40% off. This can save you hundreds of dollars and you'll still get good looking invitations.

Tip: They also offer photo envelopes that can be super cute (and cheap) additions to invitations.

Planning (and paying for) a wedding can be extremely stressful, but there are ways to pull off your dream wedding and come out with a happier wallet.

Just remember to have the time of your life!

7. Choose your date wisely

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The easiest way to save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on your big day is choosing less popular wedding dates. Moving your wedding from Saturday to Friday can make a huge difference in pricing, as well as moving your wedding from a spring or summer months to off-season months like January through March can mean huge relief for your wallet. Always ask if there are dates close to your date that might have different prices, or if they offer "Winter" discounts.


Jennie Andrews Photography / Via

Ok, so this isn't really a money saving tip per se, but it's definitely SUPER important.

Although it's tempting to opt for a low end vendor to save money, but it's something you could end up regretting.

It is much easier to budget and plan for good quality vendors (like getting a professional DJ versus your uncle to loves to "rock") than it is to waste your money on low quality amateurs that could potentially ruin your big day.

Professionals can help work with how much you have to spend, but also have a network of other professionals that can work with your budget if they are not able to. Do your research, and trust those with experience in the field.

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