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8 Times Garfunkel And Oates Gave Us Life

Don't stop being cool.

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1. When they showed us we weren't alone in our suffering


We identified with the fact that we're not really great at adulting, and that's ok. We can just do the Fade Away. (Fade Awayyy)

2. When their portrayal of women at 29 vs. 31 was ON. POINT.


There is a large span of time between those three years and a giant shift from optimism to DESPAIR. But seeing it play out in a catchy song helps ease the fear. Sort of.

3. The time they showed us that true friendship means sometimes having to have kazoo parades


Friendship is a hard relationship to maintain, but their adventures show us that even if you've got to pull out a kazoo and dance through the street friendship is always worth it in the end. And that there is no one that will help with your antics more than a BEST friend.

4. When they helped us clarify the dangerous line of drunken decision making


It's critical to always know where you are on the scale.

5. When they endured the perils of baby-fever


Annnnd then your sanity returns and reminds you that you had mimosas for breakfast.

6. When they discussed the pain of online dating


When being true to yourself yields less than desirable matches...welcome to online dating.

7. When there was an entire episode about everyone around you getting pregnant and the pressures of having kids


There's that time in your life when everyone on your Facebook is having babies and you're just over here eating cereal for dinner while enjoying your six hour Netflix binge. (You had mimosas for breakfast, after all.)

8. When they finally gave you the perfect way to describe all your ex's girlfriends


"Not good, not bad. Just there."

What's your favorite Garfunkel and Oates moment?

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