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    The CUTEST Animal Couples On The Earth.

    Look at the pics and description about these CUTE animals.

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    Ruff and Bark

    These cute puppies are brothers. They we seprated at birth and reunited by an animal shelter. After weeks at the shelter no one came to adopt them. Then one day a 7 year old girl came into the shelter. She adopted her. (Her mom adopted them) Now Ruff and Bark are living happly. (If you have any questions comment down bellow)

    Peanut and Jelly

    Peanut (On the right) and Jelly (On the left) are inseparable. Jelly found peanut in the bird bath and cant be separated to this day.

    Teddy and Mila

    These two siblings are the most special animals in the Calafornia zoo. People come all over the world to see the adorable Brother and sister bond.

    Tini and Mouse

    Tini (The cat) is a weird kind of cat. The owner posted this picture of this bond the Tini has with mouse. They play together everyday. Tini and Mouse grew up together. Tini had a sickness where she cant grow very big. You can ask me why the cat and mouse are friends. I don't know. All i know is that they are super cute together.

    Mittens and Pants

    Mittens and pants, (Cute names right?) can not be separated. The owner of these two animals were afraid that Mittens would react badly to see pants. She was afraid that Mittens would eat pants...But she didn't. Mittens and pants got a bond no on, or animal, could every break. The owner says, "If one goes to the vet the other comes in support."

    Ruby and Hobbs

    These two Huskies are husband and wife. They have a litter of puppies and are happily married. Literally. There owners gave them a puppy wedding.

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