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You're Going To Lose It Over The New "Captain Marvel" Movie, And Here's Why

Try to keep up.

Canada, have you heard the news?!

Captain Marvel is coming straight out of the comic book universe to hit the big screen...

...and it's going to blow your last two brain cells into oblivion.

Don't believe us?

Here's why...

1. The film features a STRONG FEMALE LEAD.

2. It's set in the '90s (read: serious nostalgic vibes).

3. It's chock-full of high-octane action sequences...

4. ...and AMAZING special effects.

5. The supporting cast is absolutely star-studded.

6. We get closer looks into characters we already know from other Marvel films.

7. The villains in the film are literal shape-shifters...

8. you can expect surprises around every corner.

9. We get to discover more about Captain Marvel's past.

10. As always with Marvel, the fun part is figuring out how Captain Marvel's tale figures into the larger story.

You, tuning in to the movie as soon as it hits theatres:

Catch Captain Marvel in theatres across Canada starting March 7!

Images courtesy of Marvel Canada.