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Grumpy Cat Meets Her Racing Match In Mr. Tickles 'The Rescue Cat'

It's spokescat vs. rescue cat. Which feline celeb crosses victory lane first?

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In the right lane, you have Mr. Tickles "the rescue cat" who's more willing to smile.

Twitter (@tickles_thecat)

NASCAR driver AJ Allmendinger found him in the dumpster a couple of years ago. Despite the initial adversity, Mr. Tickles has managed to land a breakout role alongside Grumpy Cat in the new digital video "Lap It Up" created by grocery chain Kroger and Friskies cat food brand. He's also grown his Twitter following to over 3,000.

Mr. Tickles wants to become the first cat of professional racing. A brilliant career choice considering that NASCAR driver AJ Allmendinger has all the connections ...

Check out @tickles_thecat sweet wheels in the behind-the-scenes shot from @Friskies & @kroger... 1st cat of profess…

Start your engines! VROOM VROOM

… but after fueling up with Friskies Gravy Swirlers for his big debut, Mr. Tickles ultimately gets lapped by Grumpy Cat at Victory Lane.

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YouTube (Kroger)

The grumpy furrball wins despite Mr. Tickles fueling up with Friskies Gravy Swirlers for his big debut.

As for Mr. Tickles, the sky’s the limit for this aspiring "First Cat of Professional Racing." He has come a long way since kittenhood.

One year anniversary of my humans @AJDinger @_TaraLea finding me under the dumpster. Off to @WGI tomorrow! #luckycat

... and more importantly, he knows that in this country you get a second chance.

Instagram (http://mr.tickles_thecat)
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