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A Comic-Con TV Diner Let Fans Feast On Themed Dishes

It's not often that television enthusiasts eat like the characters they watch. But at Comic-Con San Diego, that's exactly what happened when YouTube chef Byron Talbott offered fiction-turned-reality food at Xfinity's TV Diner. The gastronomical delights were themed after popular series on Netflix and HBO.

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At Petco Interactive Zone, a pop-up restaurant served up Hollywood-themed dishes that were inspired from HBO's Game of Thrones, Marvel's Luke Cage and Netflix's Orange is the New Black. Recreated sets from all three popular series were on display.

Some Comic-Con attendees were lucky enough to scarf down food served in Hollywood-like sets at Xfinity's TV Diner. This one replicates the prison cafeteria in Netflix's Orange is the New Black (OITNB).

Orange is the New Black (OITNB) had a menu that included Changs's Fritto Fritters, Crazy Eyes' Cherry Pie and Piper's Candy Shiv. But it was all about the weaponized Jolly Rancher -- a candy shank used by Piper to frame inmate Stella Carlin in a 2015 episode. Here's what the candy-knife looked like in the OITNB food tray.

Stephanie Gonot and GS&P (with permission)

Never start a food fight with that weaponized Jolly Rancher!

People got to feast on the "Beast Jerky" (see middle tray) that was made famous on HBO's Game of Thrones for killing King Robert Baratheon. The GOT menu (middle tray) included Direwolf Bread, Wild Boar Jerky and Sansa’s Lemon Cake.

Here are themed menus from the acclaimed HBO and Netflix series.

Get some tasty free noms at #tvdiner in the Petco Interactive Zone today from 12-2. Great job, @KateriTM!

Marvel's Luke Cage menu included (Genghis Connie's) Rocket Spring Rolls, Veggie Chow Mein and Connie's Fortune Cookie. You might recall that in season one, the Chinese couple who owns the Genghis Connie's restaurant (Connie and Jin Lin) was defended by Cage from an attack by a violent street gang.

Marvel's Luke Cage kicks ass at Genghis Connie's Asian-style restaurant in New York. (This is a scene from season one.)

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With some creative implementation, turns out fiction can indeed become reality. YouTube chef Byron Talbott made it all happen at Xfinity's TV Diner at Comic-Con San Diego.

Recreating Hot Pie's Direwolf Bread for @XFINITY's #TVDiner was pure bliss for me. GOT for life! Go watch here:…

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