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    • martyk5

      15. We are actually the second oldest military armed service, only the Army is older. The Continential Navy disbanded in 1783 along with the Contiental Marines, in the treaty of Paris to end the Revoltionary War. It wasn’t until 1797 when the Navy commissioned the USS Constitution that the Navy was re-established. They had no ships from 1783-1797, therefore, no Navy. The Marines were established in 1794, and the Air Force was in 1949. The Continential Navy and Marines were altogether seperate entities that are not part of the current Navy or Marines. Sorry to all the other services besides the Army. The Coast Guard is older! Direct quote from wikipedia; “The United States would be without a navy for nearly a decade—a state of affairs that exposed its merchant ships to a series of attacks by Barbary pirates. The sole armed maritime presence between 1790 and the launching of the U.S. Navy’s first warships in 1797 was the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service (USRCS), the primary predecessor of the U.S. Coast Guard. Although USRCS Cutters conducted operations against these pirates, the depredations far outstripped the abilities of the USRCS and Congress ordered the construction and manning of six frigates on 27 March 1794;[15] three years later the first three were welcomed into service: USS United States, USS Constellation, and USS Constitution.”

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