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    10 Reasons You Will Fall Back In Love With Nick Clegg At The Next General Election

    During the 2010 general election debates #Cleggmania took off, dominating the campaign. The Liberal Democrats went on to join the Conservatives in coalition government. Their poll ratings have slipped while in government, but here are ten reasons why it's quite likely #Cleggmania will return at the next general election in 2015.

    1. The Lib Dem #1 priority of cutting tax for ordinary workers has been implemented in full

    2. The right-wing media that attacked Nick Clegg last time is not as powerful as it once was

    The right-wing media went in full on attack mode to slur Nick Clegg prior to polling day 2010. Probably the public will be less inclined to listen to them this time.

    3. Nick Clegg knows how to say sorry

    The Lib Dems made a pledge on tuition fees they weren't able to stick to. Refreshingly, Nick Clegg went on YouTube to apologise in person for his mistakes.

    4. Because the Conservatives won't create a fairer society without the Lib Dems

    Twitter: @LibDemPress

    David Cameron said he was keeping a little black book of Conservative policies that have been stopped by the Lib Dems. For most people this demonstrates that the Lib Dems are keeping the government in the centre ground.

    5. Labour can't be trusted to build a stronger economy on their own


    The chart shows how the budget deficit soared during the last Labour government. If Labour is the largest party in a hung parliament the Lib Dems would help ensure the government maintained sensible economic policies that keep the deficit under control.

    6. He makes time to take questions from the public every week on the radio

    Every week Nick Clegg appears on LBC to take questions directly from listeners. Neither David Cameron or Ed Miliband take the time to do this on such a regular basis.

    7. Nick Clegg is the only party leader to fight for Britain's place in Europe


    "UKIP want out, the Conservatives are flirting with exit and Labour don't have the courage of their convictions on this issue."

    8. Nick Clegg is still the most cosmopolitan politician in the UK

    Twitter: @nick_clegg

    He speaks five European languages fluently.

    9. Because, despite everything, he still has a great sense of humour


    He'll do a birthday video for LBC, but only because "Slacker [Boris] Johnson" is also doing one ;)

    10. When it comes down to it, we still agree with Nick

    On tax, immigration, Europe, the environment, education and Trident, the Liberal Democrats have the right policies to create a stronger economy and a fairer society.

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