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Cut Your Meat In Half, Please

Meat production is a huge detriment to our bodies and environment and due to our lack of awareness and education in regards to food in general, the corrupt food industry is getting away with that and it's time to stop this vicious cycle.

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I love burgers, I''ll be the first to admit it. Especially growing up in America; meat is such a huge part of our culture and society, I mean, amirite Texas? No offense to PETA or vegans though!

Growing up, I loved animals and still do. I even once had aspirations of being a Veterinarian until I shadowed one for the day and witnessed a cat castration. It was a cat-astrophe. OK, I'm done. With all this in mind, I think it was only natural for me to try to become a full-time vegetarian because, you know, health is lifestyle (insert hair flip). Unfortunately, like several aspiring vegetarians (though not all), I was both ill-educated and ill-equipped to remain healthy. My diet of whole pineapples and tortilla chips (I was 16, could you really blame me?) landed me in the hospital after a year of my newfound vegetarianism. I'm anemic so my iron levels already tend to be below average; but couple that with my poor diet - I ended up having to have an emergency blood transfusion or else remain at high risk for a heart attack. Once I returned home from the hospital, my mom forced down a huge slice of liver down my throat, please note that she's also Latina so I'm not exaggerating about the forcing down part. In any case, that was the end of my abstinence from meat...until now.

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