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    11 Christmas Movie Characters Who Are Not Only Underrated Villains, But Total Scumbags

    'Tis the season!

    In this list we'll be looking beyond the obvious movie villains of our festive favorites and taking a look at some characters whose scummy behavior has gone mostly unnoticed.

    1. Peter McCallister in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.


    1. He runs away from his kid in a busy airport.

    2. He laughs and makes jokes about it.

    3. Finally, he yells at his son for using the family credit card to survive in an unfamiliar city.

    Scumbag rating: 7/10

    2. Prime Minister David in Love Actually.

    Universal Pictures

    1. He somehow "can't believe his luck" when Natalie from Eastenders joins his department and comments on her appearance.

    2. David jeopardizes UK-US diplomacy when he sees Mr. President flirting with Natalie (who is not his girlfriend) and gets jealous.

    3. Then, he has her "redistributed" (demoted to another department) once she becomes a distraction to his work. Nothing says "hopeless romantic" more than screwing with someone else's career while you work out your own feelings at a leisurely pace.

    Scumbag rating: 8/10

    3. Jacob Marley in A Christmas Carol (1984)

    Entertainment Partners Ltd.

    1. Just because you're doomed to wander the Earth for all eternity in chains and shackles of your own making doesn't mean you have to be so dramatic about it.

    2. It's the middle of the night Jake, use your indoor voice.

    Scumbag rating: Moderately Ghoulish

    4. Traffic cop in Home Alone.


    1. This man lets a dangerous driver off the hook so he can chase after a terrified little boy who accidentally stole a $1 toothbrush.

    Scumbag rating: 5/10

    5. Nephew Fred in The Muppet Christmas Carol.


    1. First, he goes off about the spirit of Christmas and the importance of human kindness. But, he then spends the day berating his depressed uncle.

    You can't trust anyone in this film who isn't made of felt.

    Scumbag rating: 4/10

    6. Graham in The Holiday.

    Universal Pictures

    1. This guy turns up at his sister's house drunk at one in the morning, hammering on the door and shouting.

    2. He apologizes when he finds out she's swapped houses with an American stranger, but barges his way in and goes to the bathroom anyway.

    3. Of course he gets away with it because he's Jude Law in 2006, but replace him with anyone else and suddenly you're leaving a very different Airbnb rating.

    Scumbag rating: 1/10, we've all done it

    7. Mrs. Bevan in Nativity!.

    E1 Entertainment

    1. First, she hears a rumor that Mr. Maddens has invited a Hollywood producer to their Christmas production. She immediately calls the local press and pressures Maddens to announce it in assembly without asking him about it first.

    2. Tells him to find a new job when it turns out to be untrue.

    Scumbag rating: 6/10

    8. The Haynes Sisters in White Christmas.

    Paramount Pictures

    1. These ladies use their brother's old army connections to guilt two of the nation's busiest entertainers into watching their "act."

    2. Their " act" seems to consist of one number that barely lasts two minutes.

    3. Far from the worst people on this list, but time-wasting is a form of theft and shouldn't be ignored.

    Scumbag ratings: Judy 3/10, Betty 4/10

    9. Liz Langston in Jingle All The Way.

    20th Century Fox

    1. Liz tasks her extremely busy husband with finding the season's hottest selling toy (but she doesn't remind him until the night of December 23.)

    2. She justifies her annoyance by saying she asked him to "pick one up" two weeks ago. This puts us at December 9th, but it's clear from the shop workers' reactions that this thing has been out of stock far longer than that, and their neighbor confirms as much when he says he bought one months ago.

    Conclusion: a person forgets to buy her son a Turboman, and hatches a diabolical plan to shift the blame onto her husband. I'm not convinced the conversation on the 9th even happened.

    Scumbag rating: 6/10

    10. Donald Trump in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.


    1. Claims to be a real estate genius, but builds a hotel where the lobby isn't at the front of the building.

    Scumbag rating: oh boy

    11. Gus Polinski, Polka King of the Midwest in Home Alone.


    1. This man offers a married woman a lift home to Chicago to see her son and says he wants nothing in return.

    2. He also offers her a cheeky blow of his clarinet in the back of the van.

    Scumbag rating: N/A as I obviously took this out of context. Sorry Gus!