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Top Tasks That Women Hate (and How There's Now A Better Way)

Before you shoot me down in flames, I'm not about to tell you you're doing it wrong! This post is about everyday tasks we undertake that take up our valuable time and the solutions I've found in today's modern age to take that time back NOW!

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Going to the Doctors

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Let's face it, a trip to the doctors in the UK isn't a ten minute job anymore. Hey, we could even take the full morning off work and still not be back for lunch. I'm not going to start a political discussion though. My last trip cost me 2.5 hours and a lot of waiting in a room with no mobile signal, I had to flick through a tangible magazine to while away the minutes, all the while inhaling the germs of the flu invested, rightly fed up, people opposite me. I can't be alone in hating this, surely?

The better way: I'm in no way affiliated with these people, I've just heard about them on the grapevine. Apparently, you can now chat to a doctor via Skype and the doctor turns up on time! Think of embarrassing bodies without the full audience at home and you have your own personal GP on the end of a video phone. Of course, there will be a cost involved.

You need to ask yourself, will that cost be smaller than a few hours of your time, the petrol and the absolute boredom as you wait in line?

Again, I'm really not affiliated! I will test it out though and get back to you, it's called Push Doctor. Until I return, please don't take your clothes off or reveal embarrassing body symptoms over Skype, as I can't be held responsible for the canned laughter you may hear. Let me do this for you!

Car Service or MOT

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If you're lucky/ rich/ successful enough to own a car younger than three years old, good for you! If you're like the rest of us, driving around in something that needs paper evidence to prove it's not embarrassing to UK roads, then you'll be familiar with booking an MOT. They are so inconvenient! It's not enough that you feel as though your right arm has been cut off without transport, it's the not knowing when it will be ready, and the how much it's going to cost. There's got to be better things to do with a day off?

There is a better way!

There's a new site called Motor Quoters that lets you find quality local garages online, and compare them using price, location or convenient features. You can choose a garage that picks up and drops off your car (a day off at home, fetch GOT and nachos!), gives you a courtesy car or even fixes the car in your own driveway or in its parking space. It's easy! You don't pay a penny extra, it's all free and you can press that lovely "book now" button in seconds and sit back knowing the year's MOT or service is taken care of!

Sharing with Friends and Family

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Have you ever tried sharing cousin Tina's wedding photos with friends and family? It's quite the nightmare.

You'll no doubt be familiar with the wonderful range of technical abilities from your teen nephew to your great grandma.

You'll know those sentences they utter that make you shake your head, such as, "oo I don't trust Facebook". "Dropbox what's that?" "Just send them to my email. How do I download again?" "Why is this storage thing asking for a link? Is it going to hack me?" "God, you're so ancient, don't you know every one uses Bleeber these days for sharing?"

There is a better way!

You can cut all of this out, while gaining access to all sorts you can use on the move, like pictures (great for Insta), the latest music and fun videos. Find it first before your friends and be the social media hero to follow, oh, and easily share your own pics with family and friends too.

It's easy with 4shared. I know, I tried it, and my family can be quite the technophobic bunch. I have a mum who thinks she's updating her blog every time she posts a status update on Facebook and who hasn't read any of my articles online as she can't find out how to download them?

Seriously, check this out, if she can do it, your family can!

Buying Gadget and Travel Insurance and Switching Suppliers

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A new report, out today, by social media experts MyClever Agency found that customers rated utilities companies, gas, electric, broadband suppliers, travel insurance, as the MOST infuriating people to deal with. Is it any wonder we never switch?

The biggest complaint was the switchboard, the never ending options and the inability for the utility company to answer a basic question.

We've all been there and we won't name names, but we know who the biggest offenders are, (rhymes with TB and Why?)

There is a better way!

There's now a new site called Money-Mate that lets you do all this online and even pays you for it, so you could pay nothing for broadband, gas or electric within 12 months. It's quite mental! You can manage every bill from one simple dashboard, from car insurance to broadband, travel insurance to electricity and you just watch the pennies and pounds add up.

I tried it for upcoming travel insurance and it took me seconds. I could compare the travel insurance providers and select one. No endless questions, just multiple choice and a warm welcome. I think I'm in LOVE!

Going to the Dentist

Ok, it may be medical, but going to the dentist is not the same as going to the doctors. You know there's possibly pain, numbness and some dribbling to look forward to. After all the anxiety, the sweaty brow and the clammy hands, you have to leave in daylight and subject yourself to the general public. Or do you?

Last week, I came across a service, from my very own local dentist, that offers home visits! This dentist is tiny, in a tiny village and so I was absolutely stunned that they were as up to date as this. I was also very impressed!

They can't do everything at your house, but they can do quite a lot! It's certainly worth looking into if you or a friend has a fear of dentists and would rather let your teeth rot!

I don't have a link as you need to see if it's a service your dentist offers, I'm pretty sure that if you're in a city, they will!

Hair and Makeup

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I love playing with makeup (when I have time) and I don't care if blokes want to take me swimming on a first date to see what I look without it. It makes my piggy eyes disappear and gives me a lovely full mouth, and I wear it like a suit of armour or a superhero mask. It makes me feel better and that's all that matters. What I don't like is getting up early to do it, or having a bad hair day where nothing goes right. I do love a good pamper though. I know we're not Kim Kardashian, but there is a service where someone will come do your hair and makeup for you. Of course, if you use it every day it'll cost a fortune but for the occasional monthly treat it's well worth it - you could even get a trim in too, to save you a trip to the hairdressers!

I know, if I have a wedding where an ex is present, I'll be treating myself to this, as getting up at 7 for a 10am service plays havoc with my puffy eyelids. Again, I can't give you a link, as it needs to be a beautician close to you, but there are plenty out there, and prices start from as little as £16 for full make up!

Saving and Making Money

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With all this time we'll be saving, we'll be earning more (or watching more telly) so what do we do with the extra cash? Stocks, shares and ISAs seem a bit OTT but sometimes, it does pay to have someone who is financially savvy who has your back. Now this is an American chap but he's actually helped me sort out my financial messes lately so I couldn't leave without repaying the favour with a mention. He finds property to invest in, commercial and domestic and uses his knowledge to ensure you get a good return too. It's not all about investments either, he can also advise on the best ways to save, which is handy if you're quite rubbish at it like I am. For this one, I am affiliated, in a sense, as he's a good friend, hence why he gets a mention. His name is Jeff Alexander, let him know I sent you!

I'm always looking for ways to make life easier, I love Uber and think they've got it so right when it comes to customer convenience. If you know of any others that deserve a mention, please let me know and I'll try them out before updating the article to include them!

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