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5 Ways to Respect and Protect Your Vagina

There are ways to take care of your vagina that don’t involve making yourself uncomfortable by shoving half the garden up there.

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I write about sex and relationships a lot and so I was absolutely gobsmacked when I read about the latest craze of putting balls of herbs in the vagina.

Of course, every woman wants to smell delightful down there but it's actions like these that will actually have the opposite effect, resulting in a putrid fishy smell as the vagina reacts to the foreign objects.

There are ways to take care of your vagina that don't involve making yourself uncomfortable by shoving half the garden up there. There are ways to make the vagina smell better and not like a chicken roast dinner (sage was one of the herbs used). When your vagina is clean and healthy, the natural scent will actually be pleasant and very arousing for a partner. No amount of perfume can mimic the natural pheromones your vagina emits when you look after it

1.Say No to Chemicals in Sex Toys

There is a group of chemicals in our sex toys that is banned for use in children's toys. This is because this group of chemicals is linked to infertility, reproductive issues, breast cancer, diabetes and asthma. The chemicals are known as phthalates and are used to make plastic malleable, and so many Chinese manufacturers use these chemicals in order to create jelly like sex toys and others. One new sex toy shop has actually put an end to this by selling ONLY sex toys without these chemicals in. They're known as Kinkig as they stock the biggest brands such as Rocks Off and We Vibe, they just make sure they're all phthalate free. Learn more about the phthalates here.

2.Kick the Douch Bag to the Kerb


Douching isn't as popular in the UK as it is in the USA. That's probably why the term isn't used widely either. Your vagina is actually self cleaning (remember the vagina is actually the tube inside, not the labia or vulva on the outside), and removing these self cleaning secretions, through douching, can result in disrupting the friendly bacteria of your vagina. Kick the douche bag to the kerb. You don't need it.

3.Be Fussy About Your Foo Foo

Some women can get away with using heavily perfumed soaps on their bits, most of us cannot. Soaps that are highly acidic will affect the pH balance of your vagina and could result in you smelling quite off! When the pH is disrupted you're susceptible to an infection known as BV or bacterial vaginosis – this manifests with irritation and a putrid fishy smell, although it's easily fixed with antibiotics. Choose all natural products for your wash, without any perfume. Remember your natural scent is alluring enough. If you do want to smell like Tom Ford's Black Orchid or Chanel No.5 down there, place a couple of drops on your inner thighs or on your pubis before your big date!

4.Thongs be Gone

Thongs look great don't they? On a chav! No, seriously, thongs can really make a behind look bootilicious but they do nothing for the health of your vagina. If you really want to respect your bits, consider going cotton only. These knickers will allow your vagina to breathe and will stop your privates becoming damp and musty.

5.Don’t Let Him Off Lightly

I have a good friend who is a doctor and she's told me one of the main causes of vaginal infections in women is the man's hygiene. So many men don't wash their hands before fingering their partner. Make sure he washes his hands and scrubs under his nails before he lays one finger on or inside your vagina!

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