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    5 Different Valentine's Gift Ideas For Him

    Valentines seems to creep upon us quickly after Christmas. Although many of us look forward to it, most of us content ourselves with buying cheap gimmicks. We’ve usually used all of our ideas when buying gifts for men at Christmas, and often have little left to share

    A Monthly Subscription

    There are many options for subscriptions today, no longer does it simply mean a magazine through the letterbox. You can find gifts for geeks, tech gifts, men's luxury toiletries, comic subscriptions, food subscriptions, even sock subscriptions. Find the one that suits your partner the most and make him smile with delight once a month.

    A Mobile Massage

    Will Power

    February is the year when the gyms go quiet and the sales of tobacco products rise again. If your partner tried to kick the habit and failed, or tried to start a healthier lifestyle and feel off the wagon, consider researching ways in which you can help them. Technology is advancing at a dizzying speed and so are products in lifestyle and smoking. There's a new tobacco flavoured liquid that tastes so much like the real thing, your other half won't think of it as giving up, they'll find the process so easy. It's called BlackNote. There are also new ways to exercise using virtual reality. Treat them to an active game and a headset and watch how they step into a virtual world of karate.

    A Dog for a Day

    More Money

    Few people like paying tax, even fewer like doing the books. Why not treat your partner to a tax rebate? There are so many areas in which you can claim tax back now, from uniform tax to tool tax, to petrol tax and self employed tax, all you need is the right advice. You could help your partner enjoy a windfall they never knew they had.