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Travelling Experiences That Will Make You Want To Travel Forever

From meeting people cycling half around around the world, to just plain wanderlusters, shutter bugs, and all those just bitten by the travel bug.

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Travelling is more than just the monuments, the touristy attractions, and the late night parties and events. It's a chance to experience places and meet amazing people you never quite come across.

* Taking time to connect with strangers

* Getting lost in a whole new different island

* Discovering eating shops not in the guidebooks

* Being right there in the middle, in the moment

* Haggling with a local

* People watching from the sidelines on a whole new different culture

* Feeling strong and independent

* Living without prejudice

* Seeing people for who they are and not what they are

* Seeing beyond the nation, language, and religion

* Taking the long way around

* Seeing the world as a child

* Rediscovering your senses

* Seeing beauty all around you

* Living a whole day barefoot

* Collecting moments, not things

* Time spent for creation, and inspiration

* Making every moment count

It's not about how much and how beautiful of a souvenir you get, but sometimes the best souvenirs are those written on your notebook, and engraved in your thoughts. To all you travelers, and wanderers, cheers to more adventures coming your way!

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