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12 Songs That Are Guaranteed To Help You Climax

From Marvin Gaye to Jodeci, Marsha Ambrosius picks a little something for every part of your sexy night in.

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1. Marvin Gaye, "Come Live With Me Angel"

John Minihan / Getty

At this point, I want to rip the clothes off of whoever I wanna do when this song comes on.

Lust-worthy lyric: "Let me explore all your treasures / I'll turn you on to all of those freakish pleasures"

2. Marvin Gaye, "Feel All My Love Inside"

That is when you're doing exactly that... Feeling my love inside.

Lust-worthy lyric: "Up and down, all around / I love to hear you make those sounds / I'm gonna be lovin' you in and out / up and down, all around"

3. Stevie Wonder, "Make Sure You're Sure"

Graham Wood / Getty

The song prior is lengthy and after an elaborate position at this point, you're forehead to forehead breathing each other deeply in lust or love

Lust-worthy lyric: "And you say you know / that you're falling in love / Now, let's be mature, make sure you're sure"

4. The Isley Brothers, "Sensuality (Part 1 & 2)"

Legacy Recordings/Sony

Round 2 – Lights, camera, action.

Lust-worthy lyric: "And through the night, the touch of love will be / Forever strong and forever sweet"

5. Aaron Hall, "Don't Be Afraid"

This calls for a sexual symphony.

Lust-worthy lyric: "Please girl, listen to me, I love you lady / No woman in this world can ever take your place"

6. Blackstreet, "Wanna Make Love"


Barely catching your breath, you proceed to go deep.

Lust-worthy lyric: "Let's do it left to right / We'll do it good all night"

7. Jodeci, "Alone"


Thug passion... Hip-hop R&B sex.

Lust-worthy lyric: Let's be alone / I wanna hear you moan"

8. Cassandra Wilson, "You Move Me"

Forehead to forehead... Preparing for round three.

Lust-worthy lyric: "Love comes down on me / I can hardly breathe /For the trembling in my thighs"

9. Guy, "Tease Me Tonite"


The subterranean sensual feel makes you go there, deeper.

Lust-worthy lyric: "Baby tease me tonight / Make me feel all right / I wanna love you all over"

10. Mint Condition, "My Dear"

Still feels like you're in water.

Lust-worthy lyric: "Just fly away / to a place where touch equals ecstasy"

11. Prince, "The Dance"

Stuart Wilson / Getty

By the end of this song, you're doing things you didn't even know you'd enjoy.

Lust-worthy lyric: "If I wanna be you're fantasy, yes / I wanna dance"

12. Marsha Ambrosius, "So Good"

RCA Records

Let it guide you, tell them how good... So good!!!

Lust-worthy lyric: "You pulling on my head / You’re right between my legs / You’re kissin’ on my neck / I’m scratching on my back / I say, 'Baby, go 'head' / 'Go hard,' I say, go 'head"

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