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12 Songs That Are Guaranteed To Help You Climax

From Marvin Gaye to Jodeci, Marsha Ambrosius picks a little something for every part of your sexy night in.

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3. Stevie Wonder, "Make Sure You're Sure"

The song prior is lengthy and after an elaborate position at this point, you're forehead to forehead breathing each other deeply in lust or love

Lust-worthy lyric: "And you say you know / that you're falling in love / Now, let's be mature, make sure you're sure"


12. Marsha Ambrosius, "So Good"

Let it guide you, tell them how good... So good!!!

Lust-worthy lyric: "You pulling on my head / You’re right between my legs / You’re kissin’ on my neck / I’m scratching on my back / I say, 'Baby, go 'head' / 'Go hard,' I say, go 'head"


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