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    • marquisdreambigs

      Whitney Houston was the Greatest Live Vocalist…when she was in her Prime She was an Invincible Legend…Even when her voice changed she knew how to Use it and could do techniques most singers couldn’t,,,,,She wasaTrue Performer….Clearly in this recording they took out the Music….THis is her Prime Crystal Voice…She Needs no Help…All of her recordings and live performance proves that…So do not nit pick her vocal when her Legend speaks for itself…Just check Youtube…even her last tour which she was obviously sick and not in great shape health-wise the fact that she went out there and gave it her all without cancelingashow made her true performer (plus she had some Good Vocal moments the media wouldn’t dare to report)…so this track really doesn;t define her voice or her “legend status”…it just gives listeners justasnippet of how much she impacted the world with The Greatest Voice of All Time!

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